I once held a nugget
All chocolate and bright,
It danced ‘round my nose
Then vanished from sight.

“Oh, where did you go?”
I asked, licking my lips.
You were here for a moment
Between ~ fingertips.

I would like to invite you
Back, if you please,
For just a small taste
Of your company.

Oh, don’t you be silly,
I really won’t mind
If you bring along friends.
I’ll introduce you to mine:

This is marshmallow.
Over here, Peter Pan.
Caramel’s my friend
With the golden, light tan.

You don’t have to worry,
I’ll take care of you.
I will teach you to swim
In this pan for fondue.

Just think of yourself,
All warm and so thick.
I could swirl you around
With some fruit on a stick.

It’s up to you, truly.
There’s nothing amiss.
I would wrap you in foil
Then call you a kiss.

But if you’re still frightened,
Well, I understand.
Just hide in my mouth
You might melt in my hand…..


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“Sara’s Lesson”


Author notes:

This is another in The Big,Big,Lake Series….



Along the quiet shoreline of the peaceful big, big lake,
lived lots of other critters, big and small for goodness sake.

Now in the big, big forest, way up high amongst the trees,
there lived a squirrel named Sara; she was as stingy as could be.

She had a couple brothers, sisters, she had two,
and every time they asked to share, she’d put on a big “TA DO”.

She’d say:
“No you can not have it, or use it either way; you never know just when I might be needing it some day.”
“Don’t even think about it, don’t look, and I’ll be fine, JUST KEEP YOUR HANDS RIGHT OFF FROM IT! IT’S MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE!”

Both of Sara’s parents wondered why she wouldn’t share,
or why the sign upon her door, read: ENTER? DON’T YOU DARE!

Sara had a couple friends, at the tree she went to school,
and both of them, knew all about, little Sara’s “golden rule.”

Don’t ever ask from Sara, for a pen with which to write,
don’t ever ask from Sara, or you just might cause a fright.

One day while in her classroom, her teacher Mrs. Pest
said; “start collecting acorns, we’re having a contest.

It’s been a long hard winter, so we’ll give them to the poor,
all the acorns that you bring in, we’ll hand out door to door.

Now the squirrel with the most acorns will win this big surprise,
and when she opened up the box, WOW! The look in Sara’s eyes.

It was a trophy bright and shiny, it was gold and it was blue,
but to give up all her acorns, now she’d have to think this through.

She’d say:
“No you can not have it, or use it either way; you never know just when I might be needing it some day.”
“Don’t even think about it, don’t look and I’ll be fine, JUST KEEP YOUR HANDS RIGHT OFF FROM IT! IT’S MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE!”

When Sara got home from school that day, she was really quite upset,
“ I’ll never give up acorns, just to win this dumb contest.

But the trophy was bright and shiny, it was gold and it was blue,
“ and I really wouldn’t be giving them, just trading them, that’s true.

So Sara went to school that day, with her acorns piled high,
and when they got done counting them, they totaled twenty-five.

Class, Sara is the winner, they heard the speaker roar,
but before she gets her trophy, she’ll take them door to door.

Sara knocked upon the first door, an old woman answered, “yes”,
with tears she took some acorns, then simply said, “God bless”.

This went on through out the morning, then well into the day,
when the last one was delivered, they all heard Sara say.
“Yes, oh please, please take it, I don’t need it anyway. You never know just when I might be needing help someday”,
“Please, Don’t think about it, take it I don’t mind, ANYWAY THAT I CAN HELP, IS FINE, FINE, FINE, FINE, FINE”.

When Sara got the trophy home, engraved below her name,
the words, In Thankless Giving, There Is Never Any Shame.

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A Bundle of Wonder

There’s a bundle of wonder
In an old gunny sack
That’s tied to the hide of a tortoise’s back
He’s off on a journey, he thinks it so-so
He’s off to find places
He normally wouldn’t go

“If I could walk faster”
The thought had occurred
“I’d be done with this business”
But that was absurd,
“I can walk just as fast – just as fast as I can.”
“Besides this whole journey from the time it began
Wasn’t part of my thinking, wasn’t part of my plan.”

“A bundle of wonder, And it’s tied to my back.”
“Not just one or two, But a whole blasted sack.”
“I’m sweating and fretting, just fit to be tied.”
“Not to mention the tension, that’s on my backside.”

A bundle of wonder could be a dangerous thing,
It could make people gasp, it could make people sing.
It could hold your attention for a minute or two
Or make you exclaim “What’s all the to-do!”

Just then a green lizard, a lizard with wings,
Stopped the poor tortoise, “Sir I must know one thing,
I just have to know, that hump on your back
The old burlap sack, that’s all tied with a string.”
“Sir, what is that wondrous, glorious thing?”

“It’s bouncing and jouncing, like a ball on the tide
Sometimes up and down, sometimes side to side”
“Is it a new kind of toy, just wondering?
Or maybe, just maybe, a shiny porch swing?”


Said the tortoise,

He kept on walking
The lizard with wings followed.


“I must keep on walking,” he thought to himself
To get where I’m going, to get there or “ELSE”
This bundle of wonder will surely break loose
Then the people might cry,” “What’s all the to-do!”

“I’m making good time” He almost declared
When he was “Rudely” interrupted, by a couple of hares.

“GOOD DAY!” said the first one
“HELLO!” winked number two
Then both started shouting,

“That’s a big bag of carrots!”
The first let out a big “WHOOP!”
“It holds my attention”
Cried a smiling, two.

“I can’t stop and talk now, PLEASE! Get out of my way!”
I can’t get there tomorrow, it must be today
The tortoise kept walking, but turned back to say
“I don’t know where I’m going, so I cannot delay”


Said the tortoise,

He kept on walking
The hares followed, right behind the lizard with wings


The tortoise kept walking, for what seemed a long time
When he stopped dead and said, “Look at that hill I must climb!”
He grunted and groaned, he used all of his might
And when he got to the top, he vanished from sight.

He slid down a bank, closed both of his eyes
When he opened them up, “OH!” what a surprise
A gully of tortoise, all shapes and all size
All building their nests, unpacking supplies

Just then a voice, one familiar to him
Said, “I’m glad you could make it, my where have you been.”
Just then he remembered, their homes were destroyed
By digging machines that made lots of noise

“We must gather our eggs”, someone had said
Right before a small rock, hit him square on his head

“The nest is all done” the voice said in his ear
“I’ve been waiting and waiting for you to get here,”
“But now that you’re here, will you hand me the sack
So our eggs can rest easy, so our children can hatch.”

“THE SACK!” thought the tortoise, “I’ve carried so long.”
Was filled with our eggs, with our kids all along
He reached for the sack, but something was wrong
The sack with his children, the sack it was gone.

He turned around slowly, it lay on the ground
It shimmied and shaked, and moved all around
Just then the string broke what a wondrous thing!
As the babies walked out, the hare’s started to sing

And they all heard a gasp, from the lizard with wings

Now the tortoise just stared for a minute or two
As his wife started fretting,

“What’s all the TO–DO?”

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Rufus and Wilbur ( Inventers Beware )


Deep in the city of Stucktomyshoe
Lived an inventive young man called Rufus Magoo.
He spent most of his time locked up in his shop
Making little gadgets that went flippity-flop.
He made what-chya-ma-callums and thing-a-ma-things
That spun just for fun or sometimes would cling
To the leg of your trousers or get caught in your hair.
So the sign in his yard said, “Inventors: BEWARE!”

Now Rufus’s partner, Wilbur Magee,
Was a brilliant young man, but no one could see
Just how big they were destined to be.
“Rufus,” said Wilbur, “one day they will see
Our names in the paper, I guarantee.
They’ll have a parade and they’ll give us the key!
Then her highness The Queen will invite us for tea.”
“Wilbur,” said Rufus, “I’d have to agree.
The history books from A down through Z
Will mention our names to some great degree:
The greatest creators were Magoo and Magee!”

You’re probably wondering, “What did they make?”
Well, things that would rattle and prattle and shake
And one great big waste bin that ate nothing but cake.
They made sprockets for rockets, though none could be found.
Rockets, that is, they had sprockets abound!
They made gizmos and whizmos, large clickity-clanks,
A fleet of concrete but gave up when they sank.
There were flying and frying square-doughnut machines,
Even a toaster that ran on pure steam.
There were so many others, too numerous to name,
Each one they were certain would bring them much fame.

One day while inventing inventible things,
The bell on their door went a ring-a-ling-ling.
Then in through the mail slot and onto the floor,
Came a notable note that was tied with a string.
“Wilbur,” said Rufus, “this is too big to ignore!
I found this here note on the floor by the door.
Two tickets inside, for a party it seems,
In the Palace’s gardens put on by the Queen.
A fabulous gala, a black tie affair,
To properly ponder her stunning new hair.”
“But Wilbur,” said Rufus, “There is something more,
The number on top says four-hundred and four.
It would seem that the mailman was in a daydream
For this house is numbered four-hundred-fourteen.”

“Rufus,” said Wilbur, “I forgot to relay,
I did notice something when I got here today.
It seems that the “-teen” on your door has been lost,
So I see how the mail just might have been crossed.
Why would the queen invite us to the bash
When the cream we invented gave her a rash?
It turned her skin purple, then yellow and green. She grew
A brown mustache then she started to scream.”
“Magoo,” said Magee, Don’t you recall?
We were quickly escorted right out of the ball!
The Queen, she was screaming and turning all blue,
Shaking her finger, “I’ll deal with you two!
And Rufus,” said Wilbur, “this one is BIG:

“Wilbur,” said Rufus, “You worry too much.
She could not have meant it, no, not about us.
This is our chance, I’m sure you’ll agree,
To reclaim our names in books A down through Z.
I’ve no doubt about it, we’ll make history.
We can bring all our gizmos, the thing-a-ma-things,
By the time it’s over, all the people will sing.
Their voices will carry high into the air.
Then the Queen will forget all about her old hair.
But if you’ll feel better, if you think that it’s wise,
We’ll not tell a soul. We’ll just wear a disguise.”

The day finally came, so Magoo and Magee
Loaded their wagon with creative debris.
They had what-chya-ma-callums and thing-a-ma-things
That spun just for fun and sometimes would cling
To the leg of your trousers or get caught in your hair.
That’s why the sign on they’re shop said, “Inventers: BEWARE!”
They had gizmos and whizmos, large clickity-clanks,
Flying and frying square-doughnut machines.
They even brought toasters that ran on pure steam.
When the wagon was piled way up to the sky,
They went into the house to put on their disguise.
The garden was packed full of people that day,
All talking
And squawking
And spreading hearsay.
There were tables of food, a most feastable feast.
They even had drinks from the “Fartherest Reach!

Magoo spied a table next to the swing
Filled to the brim with chocolaty things.
“Magee,” said Magoo, “look next to those doors.
The Queen put her favorite chocolaty porridge.
Magoo reached around to a sack on his back,
Then he brought forth a gadget all shiny and black.
What he held in his hands was a thing-a-ma-thing.
“I’ll just put one of those on top of this spring,
Fly it on over in front of The Queen.
When she sees it’s her favorite dish that it brings,
She’ll smile a big smile, she’ll forget everything.”
Magee looked at Magoo and Magoo at Magee,
Then said, “Wilbur, don’t worry,
It will work. You will see.
I know what you’re thinking,
but that won’t happen because
I stayed up all night just to work out the bugs.”

So Magoo put a couple on a thing-a-ma-thing,
Then sent it away in search of the Queen.
But just as the porridge was hovering in mid-air,
It bumped into a tree limb and fell on her new hair.
It landed on top of her head with a PLOP!
She screamed then she bellowed,
She reached up to feel the goop on her head.
Then she looked at her fingers and turned really red.
She screamed and she steamed,
She let out a long cry,
She looked all around then finally spied
Magoo and Magee in a simple disguise.

She pointed her finger for everyone to see,
Then screamed to her guards, “BRING THEM TO ME!”
Magoo and Magee were hastily led
In front of the Queen who was still really quite red.
She looked at the two men, then turned as she said,
“Sometime tomorrow, off with their heads.”
“Queen, hear me out,” cried Wilbur Magee.
“I know of this place across the great sea,
A spout or a spigot, I tell you the truth,
The name of this place is the Fountain of Youth.”
Hearing these words, the Queen turned around.
“Good bye and good riddance, don’t come back till it’s found.”
They jumped to their feet and ran for the gate,
Scattering people, and shattering plates.

“Wilber!” puffed Rufus, “I’ve never heard of this place.”
Magee kept on running, with a smile on his face.
“Neither have I, but we’ll search high and low,
And if we don’t find it at least we’ll grow old.”
A guard turned to The Queen, “You don’t really believe,
Yet you let both those scoundrels run out of here free?”
The Queen turned and smiled, “You’re a fool, don’t you see?
I,m finally rid of Magoo and Magee!”

So starts the journey of Magoo and Magee
to reclaim their names in books A down through Z.
A journey that might just guarantee
the names Rufus and Wilbur their own history.


This is part one in a can read parts 2 and 3 here..

“Rufus and Wilbur” Series


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This here tales, about a poor little snail.
Who tried to be good?
But was always in trouble.
Cause he couldn’t stay out of the soda-pop puddle.

His name was Keith and he had brown teeth.
They ached and ached would keep him awake.
No he could not sleep with holes in his teeth.
They hurt so bad he was always sad.
He’d cry and cry his parents would sigh.
They would tell him son, “you could have more fun”.
“Your teeth are rubble they’re a jigsaw puzzle”
“So stay away from the soda-pop puddle”.

But poor little Keith, He loved his sweets.
Piled up high until they touched the sky.
Chocolate cake with Gummi snakes.
JU JU Yums and bubble gums.
Liquorish tuffs with marshmallow fluff
He just couldn’t get enough, of the sweet, sweet stuff.

Then one day when the sun came out.
Poor little Keith came home with a pout.
He cried to his mom, and he cried to his dad.
There was no doubt about it; he was sad, sad, sad.
His mother looked at father, his father looked at him.
And together they both asked what made him so grim.
So he told them the muddle, that put him in such fuddle.
Was the sun dried up the poor soda-pop puddle.

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Dream Weaver


When the babbling brook runs quiet
And the silence stills the trees
When slumber becomes the enchantress
Casting spells for you and me

Oh Dream Weaver
Sing me a wish song
A sleepy time sweet lullaby
Let me swoon with the moon
A star-monious tune
Let the fireflies dance in my eyes

May the melody sway
In the darkness
Drank from the warm Milky Way
Let the blanket of night
Softly cover my sight
In your arms
I will drift—

My head will rest upon pillows
Of clouds that go drifting by
While the visions I see
Are such sweet reverie
On the wings of a
Lost butterfly

Oh Dream Weaver
Sing me a wish song
A tune that will float in my mind
Let me dance and romance
Never breaking the trance
Until morning brings
Daydreams to find…

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The Story of Jake



Sometime long ago in the big, big lake,
Lived a one legged bullfrog and his name was Jake.

The thing about Jake, that was so profound,
Is he couldn’t swim straight; he went round and round.

Now Jake lived at home, in his lily pad,
With his bullfrog mom and his bullfrog dad.

Almost every night, before he went to sleep,
He prayed and he prayed, for two webbed feet.

But never was he bitter, when he woke in the morn,
Because he knew that he was different it’s the way he was born.

Jake went to school, where the fishes swam,
To learn about the lake and see his sweetheart Pam.

Just like real life, it was the same at this school,
There were lots of “bully”frogs and the meanest was Buel.

Buel hated bullfrogs who where different than him
So he thought and he thought, then he hatched a plan.

He would embarrass poor Jake at the tadpole ball,
He would embarrass poor Jake, in front of one and all.

The very next day around the big, big lake,
There were posters hung on cattails, about a bullfrog race.

Five laps around the lake and you would get a chance,
To pick out any sweetheart for the tadpole dance.

Buel, he left a note, for everyone to see,
It said,” When I win this race Pam will be with me.”

So when the whistle sounded at the starting gate,
There were lines of other bullfrogs and poor one-legged Jake.

They all pulled ahead, poor Jake was in a tizzy,
But after just three laps, all the other frogs were dizzy.

You see the thing about Jake that was so profound,
Was he never became dizzy swimming round and round.

So when the race was over in front of one and all,
Jake picked his favorite sweetheart, for the tadpole ball.

So you should never get discouraged, or never be forlorn,
Each of us is different; it’s the way we are born.

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I went out to my kitchen
To grab a bite to eat
When a tiny little black thing
Went a whippin’ by my feet.

It was dark and it was furry
And it had whiskers too
So I did a little side step
And let it pass on through.

It’s a good thing no one saw me.
I was thinking to myself.
When I did a little dance
All the way to my dish shelf.

I slid into the counter
I opened up the drawer
I found wooden spoon
To defend against this spore.

I waited and I baited
With some cheese upon a stick
But the furry little creature
Wouldn’t budge a tiny bit.

So I got a little closer
And he jumped at me it seemed
And the two of us went running
As I let out a scream.

This was stupid and embarrassing
And push just came to shove
So I went to fetch a shovel
And a pair of leather gloves.

It was then that I did noticed
I was still in my bare feet
So I went to get my work boots
The ones with steel cleats

Did I tell you that this critter
Was as big as a small dog
And had three rows of shiny teeth
And jumped just like a frog?

But I was a lot bigger
– A lot smarter too –
So if it took me all the night
I would show it who was who.

I waited in the dark room.
I held my heavy breath.
And in my pants and parka.
Man I began to sweat.

But I waited in the kitchen
My shovel held up high
And finally I did see it
As it went running by.

It looked at me and smiled,
Then it jumped up to attack
So with my shovel in my hand I went
Whack, whack, whack, whack, WHACK!

I knew that I had got it
There was no way it could escape.
So I went to turn the light on
To see this creature’s fate.

When I lifted up my shovel, you’ll never guess just what I saw,


It’s a good thing I live alone you see,
For now no one will know,

About the night I had a run-in
With a little


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Love N Science

Listen closely
You will hear
The sound of silence
Upon your ear
Love won’t strike
With lightning bolt
Electric jolt
To feel love first
Is simple lust
To make it last
More difficult
The pull of earth
Is not the source
Of falling when
We stay loves course
To gaze upon
Is chemistry
Hand in hand
Plain symmetry
Love is more than
Simple math
Or joining of
Opposing mass
There is no
Easy formula
No control
Or genera
So if you don’t know
What love is
It’s all relative…

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In a place somewhere just south of here
Along the river “Slowly Creeps”
Live the people of Persnickerdy
In hollow huckleberry trees

Persnickerdies are invisible
Well, when they want to be
And most are just two inches tall
But some will grow to three

They drive around in busses
The kind that go vroom, vroom
Or they’ll ride on snap-the-dragons
But only when in bloom

Most of them are orange and brown
Some are green and blue
And maybe red and yellow
But there are other colors too

They’re busy little creatures
These Persnickerdies
Always darting back and forth
Between the huckleberry trees

Now the thing you may not know
About this tiny little lot
Are the things they do, for me and you
Is remind forget-me-nots

They turn katy-do’s into katydids
By teaching them to sing
And paint the brightest colors
On all the butterflies’ wings

They give raccoons their striped tails
Paint the rings around their eyes
They also help the humming birds
By teaching them to fly

They teach fishes how to swim
The owls how to hoot
And wouldn’t it be, the funniest thing
If penguins didn’t wear suits?

You think that it’s so odd you say
To stand out in the rain
But then who would tie the ribbons
So that rainbows have a name

And if you ever wondered
Why robins’ eggs are blue
Well, I don’t have to tell you
It’s because of you-know-who

In the fall. if you look closely
And are quiet as can be.
You might just catch, oh, one or two
Out there painting all the leaves

They help out Mother Nature
She’s grateful for it too
After all she’s just one woman
With so many things to do!


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Under My Bed


Last night as I laid
In my bed for some sleep,
I felt something poke me
From under my sheets.

There’s something alive,
I thought in my head –
There’s something that’s living
Under my bed.

I tried to be quiet
I tried to be still,
Each time that I moved
It would give me a chill.

So I jumped from my bed
And ran down the hall
But my parents were sleeping,
The nerve of it all!

My father was snoring
My mom she was too,
Now I needed help here
So this wouldn’t do.

I tugged on my father
And he opened one eye.
He saw me and smiled,
Then quietly said, “Hi.”

I tugged him again,
I said, “Dad come real quick.
It’s under my bed
And it has a big stick!”

“Honey,” he said
As he sat up in bed
“Couldn’t this wait till tomorrow?
In the morning, instead.”

“Dad, I’m afraid
If you don’t come right now
Your ONLY sweet daughter
Will just vanish somehow!”

Just then my mom
Smiled as she said,
“Your daddy is brave;
He’ll check under your bed.”

So he took hold of my hand
As we walked down the hall
My dad is real brave –
He’s the best of them all.

When we got to my room,
He turned on the light.
“We’ll take care of this monster –
We will catch him tonight!”

He got down on the floor
Without making a sound
And under the bed
You’ll never guess what we found.

Five dusty socks
Rolled up in a ball,
Four teddy bears.
And that wasn’t all.

Two yellow blankets,
Now how’d they get there?
Then, oh my gosh
Not my pink underwear!

Four Barbies and Kens,
A monopoly game,
Clue and Parcheesi.
And six candy canes.

A Frisbee, a racket,
My pink dress that I lost,
My dollhouse and art set,
A game of ring toss.

He pulled and he pried,
The stuff covered my floor,
Then he lay on his stomach –
Could there be any more?

Barney and Elmo,
A talk-a-lot Kate,
She was dusty and dirty
With a smile on her face.

So those were the voices
I heard late at night –
I thought I was dreaming
It gave me a fright.

The pile on my floor
Was at least ten feet tall,
It spilled from my bedroom
And into the hall.

Finally, my father
Gave a pull real quick
And from under the bed
Came my lost pogo stick.

Then he squirmed and he wiggled,
The bed started to buck,
He said, “Dear get your mother,
I think that I’m stuck.”

So I went to get mom
And we each grabbed a foot
And we pulled and we tugged
As my whole bedroom shook.

He finally broke free
As we all screamed for joy,
Each of us buried
Under ten feet of toys.

My father just smiled,
He wasn’t upset –
“Tomorrow , my sweet daughter,
We’ll clean up this big mess.”

He said, “There’s not a monster
Under your bed.
I’m afraid one couldn’t fit there
Without bumping his head.”

So they tucked me back in
And turned out the light,
Went back to their room
As we all said goodnight.

But just as I started
To fall back to sleep,
A noise from my closet
Put me back on my feet….


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Thats What Mommies Do

That’s my plate,
That’s my spoon,
That’s my chair,
I strap into.

Mommy feeds me,
And when she’s through
She wipes my face,
‘Good as new!’

Those are my clothes,
That’s my room,
She helps me dress,
Tie my shoes.
I have pockets
just like you!

Wait for the bus,
First day of school.
I’m so afraid —
‘What do I do?’
She kisses me,
Holds me tight,
Then she tells me
I will be all right.

My first play,
“Winnie the Pooh,”
She sews a tail
on my costume.

I’m up on stage,
I’m so scared,
I see her smile
And I smile, too.

We go shopping
to buy new shoes,
She holds my hand,
We cross the street.
So many colors,
for my two feet.

I’m getting big,
that’s happy news!
We go to lunch,
she tries to hide
the present for me,
‘I just turned five!’

Next is six,
Then seven
And eight.
Pretty soon,
Two whole hands —
‘Oh, I can’t wait!’

Mommy says it makes her sad
To see me growing up so fast.
Soon I’ll be too big to do
All the things that mommies do.
But I said, ‘Mommy, don’t be so sad,
Today I’ll have a talk with dad.
We’ll go shopping,
The three of us —
To buy a sister,
All brand new!
And she’ll be happy,
You will, too.
Cause she will have a mom like you!’

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The Dreams That We Dream

Riding our rainbows
We chase butterflies
As we look for the stars
That might fall from the sky

We wave at the sun
From a sky painted blue
As the moon tips his hat
And says, “How do you do”

The dreams that we dream
With our heads in a heap
Laying light on our pillows
When we’re all fast asleep

Our blankets around us
To keep out the cold
As the worries that worry
Are long placed on hold

I wonder if Wonder
Is wondering now
Of the who, and the what
Of the why and the how

The thinks that we think
Like a thief in the night
Try to steal away thoughts
When we’re feeling all right

The fidgeting fidgets
Are not fidgeting ill
When the dreams that we dream
Teach our hearts to be still…

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Metal Lockers

Metal lockers, wrinkled dockers,
PF flyers, big bus tires
Tie dyed tee shirts,
Knee high short skirts,
Wooden bleachers,
All those teachers,
-In the lunch room-
In the class,
Forgot your pass,
Get there fast

Playing dodge ball, throwing spitballs,
Passing love notes, that your friends wrote,
Paper airplanes,
Try to explain,
In the office,
Something’s amiss,
-The principle-
The golden rule,
You act the fool,
Stay after school

Term papers, newspapers, color in the lines
Gym shorts, team sports, pass out valentines

Chalk erasers, tracing paper,
Pop quiz, whiz kid, class clown, playground
Home Room

Taking mid-terms, teasing bookworms
High school sweethearts, never apart
Raging hormones
In a school zone
It’s just young love
It’s not truelove
Keep your distance,
Show resistance

All your homeboys, girlfriends, school joys,
With all your friends, it never ends,
Then graduate
So long, school mates
You say goodbyes
With tears in eyes
-the future’s yours-
Just one more fling,
It’s everything,
A party thing

Alarm clock rings, you’re there till spring
Pencils sharp, professors harp, not again

Alarm clock rings, the new day brings
Eyes perk, brain jerks, it’s time for work
New Job

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The Dream Catcher’s Dream



The dream catcher hangs from a tack by the bed
With nightmares and terrors all tangled in thread
No wardrobes with lions, no ruby red shoes
No damsels or dragons, no butterflies to muse

He hopes beyond hope that one day you’ll seam
A dream that’s worth dreaming for a dream catcher’s dream
The sandman may lift you, through the night without care
It’s the dream catcher’s job, to sort out just to where

To land upon shores, of just make believe
Where smiles all hang from happiness trees
While lullaby’s float, through the clouds on the breeze
And fairytales swing from a flying trapeze

The dream catcher wishes just one wish to come true
To hold onto a smile before it drifts through
To get lost in the moment, of once ‘pon a times
Or to travel the roads of just one nursery rhyme

Remember the journey is yours without warning
Second star to the right, and straight on till morning
So, as slumber entwines you around its moonbeams
Don’t forget to leave something, for the dream catcher’s dream

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The Crabapple Tree

I know it sounds silly,
But I just had to see
If I could climb up
The crabapple tree.

I grabbed the first branch,
My hands started to shake.
How much of my strength
Would climbing it take?

I could see my friend, Billy.
He was laughing at me
As I hung from the branch
Of the crabapple tree.

He cried, “What’s the matter?
You look like a clown,
Hanging there inches
Off of the ground!”

Then I heard noises
From the crabapple tree
And I spied a black crow
Who was laughing at me.

He looked down as he said,
”You’re just a scared little girl!
For a moment, I thought
That you might be a squirrel.”

Just then a red ant
Told his friends, “Look and see.
There’s something that’s stuck
In the crabapple tree.”

It was hard to be brave,
Just as hard to look cool,
With sweat on my face,
I must look like a fool.

I almost gave up
Till a big honeybee
Gave me the push that I needed
Up the crabapple tree.

I knew I could do it!
I was grinning a grin
With everyone watching,
I would savor my win.

I started to shout,
”Hey, look at me,
But you’ll have to look up,
I’m in the crabapple tree.”

Then, all at once,
My smile turned to a frown
As I thought to myself
How will I get down???

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Cabin Fever

Soft butterfly flutters, rain on the shutters,
It’s spring as it knocks on my door.
The blooming of crocus on the front lawn says,
Winter’s been tucked in the drawer.

Neighbor folks, the bull frog croaks
In time, a squirrel
Hops from tree to tree.

The humming birds are just a blur
They dine, divine,
Along with the bees.

Colors of flowers bring sunlight for hours,
The smiles are returning again.
Run through the fields with mud on my heels
The grass is still wet from the rain.

Hassock’s swing, the warmth of spring
Is fine, a line
Sways against the breeze.

The budding rose tickles my nose,
Its vine will climb
As high as the trees.

The mums and the tulips that line my front doorsteps
Are begging me come out and play
When birds start their singing, my kite I’ll be stringing,
To float all my troubles away.

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Lions of the Serengeti

The hunter
The gatherer
into nothingness, whispers
of a once-strong voice.

Dealt with savagely
Savagely dealt
As time slowly fills
the footprints.
They were once
as plentiful as
grains of sand.

Friend or foe
Those who set upon heels
looking down
on the Bushman

For only Grandfather Mantis knows…

Why the ostrich Hides
his head
Why the hyena is
forever laughing

The San
Khwe Khoe
The Bushman

No names

Wandering nomads
From water to water
in culture where
folklore tells The Story.
life began as

Where the Moon hides
from the Sun,
Tortoise shells hang
from the sky
and the true Lions
of the Serengeti Walked on
Two Legs…

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Glad That I’m Me

If I were a T-Rex,
How fun that would be —
To stomp through the city
As tall as the trees!

Or maybe a Triceratops
Would be just as fun —
With three horns on my head
And weighing a ton!

If I were a Raptor,
I could run really fast.
I’d chase down the bad guys —
Oh man, what a blast!

Pterodactyls can fly —
How could I resist?
To soar through the park
Just to scare all the kids!

But the dinosaurs are gone,
Nothing left but their bones.
Not one left alive —
So, I’d be quite alone.

So, I guess I’ll just dream
Of how fun it would be,
And I’ll play with my friends,
Just glad that I’m me…

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The Test


Mom, you’re the expert,
So it’s all up to you,
But I really am thinking
I should stay home from school.

I know there are lessons
I really should learn
But one of them isn’t
How to spread germs!

My eyes are all reddish
They’re starting to itch
While one side of my face
Is beginning to twitch.

I’m wheezy and sneezy
My fingers are numb,
And I’m sure that I’m breathing
With only one lung.

My nose keeps on running
But I don’t know where.
The last time I saw it
Was under the chair.

My temperature’s rising
Then it comes down
Then all the while
The room’s spinning ’round.

My stomach is turning,
It’s coming undone,
So in a few minutes
I might have to run!

My head won’t stop aching,
My strength’s in reserve,
When I try to bend down,
I keep pinching a nerve.

I’m losing my hearing,
“What did you say?”
Oh Mom I’m so glad
You see it my way.

I’ll go call my friends,
I’ll make it real quick.
If I’m not in school,
They might think that I’m sick.

Hey, I just found out
The test is next week,
So I better hurry
Or I’ll lose my seat.

I hear the bus coming,
I really must scat,
But Mom, thanks a million
For having this chat….

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The thing you’ll find with Bobbles
Is they are really quite unique
They’re hatched in such a hurry
Sometimes in just two weeks

They’re fat and oh-so-furry
Irresistibly complete
From the top of their antennae
To the soles of two left feet

They grow up very happy
Perpetually content
If you bump into a Bobble
He’ll act the perfect gent

If you’re looking for a Bobble
And wonder where they went
Just look out on the dance floor
That’s where their time is spent

The men will wear large top hats
They all wear wooden shoes
That keep their toes quite safe it seems
But look like small canoes

The tango and the foxtrot
The cha-cha they would choose
But the dance they simply love the most
Is the Bobble bump-and-bruise

Their right left foot goes to the left
Their left, left to the right
They spin in a small circle
It’s really quite a sight

You hold your arms out at your sides
Just like a bird in flight
Then move your head all around
And shake with all your might

You bump the person next to you
And they bump who’s next to them
And they tumble just like dominoes
Then get up and try again

Even though the Bobble dance
May seem quite strange to you
It brings the Bobbles happiness
It cures the Bobble blues

So the next time that you’re feeling down
And don’t know what to do
Try the Bobble bump-and-bruise
It will make you feel brand new….

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Someone once told me
There are no such things as fairytales
Just words on paper brought to life in dreams

Fairytales are not just words on a page
For they start long before the first ink is spilled
Before the quill is dipped
When the parchment lay blank

Fairytales are not fireflies growing voices
But rather the soft flutter of leaves
Dancing to and fro in the breeze
Fairytales don’t start in the clouds
They quietly push themselves out of the ground
As they reach for the sun

Fairytales aren’t absorbed from the outside
Coming to life as they work their way in
They start on the inside
Exploding out like fireworks
In a dark summer sky
Painting multicolored pictures on one’s eye

Fairytales are more than dreams
They are the reality of reaching our goals
They are not running from
They are running to
Shaking off the darkness that pursues us
The chains that would bind us to one place

If fairytales weren’t real
Then clouds would just be clouds
All the flowers would smell the same
The birds wouldn’t be able to sing
If fairytales weren’t real
Everything would be just black and white

But everything isn’t just black and white

Someone once told me
There are no such things as fairytales
But someone blew me a kiss
I saw it grow butterfly wings
Dance across the meadow
To land on my cheek
Now every night the dragons dance
Around the moon
Chasing their tails like shooting stars
And the fireflies spell out your name
As they skip across a field of wildflowers

So make your wish
Dream your dreams
Don’t ever give up hope
But most of all
Believe in fairytales…..

©2010 Abe Rossi, All rights reserved.

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“A Leap of Faith”

We’ve lost our faith in fellow man
So we look up to the sky
To put our faith in His command
Yet His word we misapply

When we look to find His meaning
Look at me, then look at you
It’s a simple, soulful, gleaning
In finding what is true…

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“Forbidden Fruit”


If my name were Adam
If your name was Eve
I would eat every apple
Until you believed

Until you could see me
For just what I am
Until it came clear
That I’m not the same man

I’d stand naked before you
So your heart it would see
That the person that loves you
Has always been me….

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The Clown


There’s a clown in the swamp
Where the alligators lay
His smile will never fade
There’s a door, with a sore
That he’s opened before
with the bills, he’s not paid

There’s a fair, unaware
There’s a moth in her hair
Her buzzing never fades
Till her grin stumbles in
Like it knows where she’s been
of its own escapades

They greed on the need
Whenever, together
The heart is always betrayed
Yet, its together they see
Alone there’s no soul
Just games that are so often played….

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“I Never Will Say”

I wanted to tell you
Life took you away
Now I’m sitting here feeling
What I never will say

I kept it inside
Feeling you knew
Now I never will tell you
How much I love you

All the times that I felt it
I should have just said
Now the moments have passed me
The words feel dead

I wanted to tell you
Life took you away
Now I’m sitting here thinking
What I never will say

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Twilight Whispers



The twilight whispers,
your name.
As the stars blink bright for me.
With my ear pressed against the night
I listen for the slow breath of dawn
for that faint heartbeat,
that not even the dark may silence.
As the colors,
stolen by the night
return to my eyes, I see the beauty
of the morning.
I hear music in the softness of your breaths
I feel the warmth of the sun on my face
as your eyes open.
Can life offer any more pleasures than
your smile?
Can words have any more meaning than
your name?
Is it simplistic of me to think?
I have felt all there is,
in you.
I am a shadow
you are the light that creates me
I am the twilight that whispers
your name.
For you are the slow breaths of dawn

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Love Always Wins

We could splash across your happiness
Climb through mountains of despair
Together wade through everything
Dripping lovedrops everywhere


If you would just give me the word
Maybe mark a place to start
I would put your hand inside my hand
Then together
Cross your heart

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DB new beginings


The magic of the butterfly
Could not malicious hold
By spell or incantation
Of darkest sorcery bold

Beauty in their boldness
Poetry in their flight
Fragile in their nature
Capture in their fight

The symmetry of the dragon
A heart of ages told
Bold and fierce redemption
From darkest sorcery’s hold

Boldness in their beauty
Poetry in their fight
Damaged by their nature
Quick is their respite

Within the souls of dragons
Are fragile butterflies
Ageless passions burning
Deep within their eyes

The dragon and the butterfly
Could not malicious hold
By spell or incantation
Of darkest sorcery bold….


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