Once upon a time, a long, long time ago
There sat a lonely dragon upon a rocky throne.

His heart it felt so empty, for he was the last one of his kind.
Every night he’d bow his head as teardrops filled his eyes.

I wish that I could love again then my life wouldn’t be so cold,
But being the only dragon means alone I will grow old.

“If I were more a man” he’d say, “I could climb down from this perch
I would scan the heavens for my love, ever so persistent in my search.”

Yet deep down in his heart he knew those things would never change.
For who could love a dragon? So alone he would remain.

Then one day while daydreaming, as dragons often do
Way off in the distance, he caught a glimpse of blue.

“Could it be or couldn’t be?” he wondered to himself.
“It looks to be so beautiful from upon my rocky shelf.”

He looked again to see it, even rubbed his teary eyes.
No bird has ever flown this high, must be the sunlight in the sky.

Still there it was again and again, so he knew it must be true.
It danced across the sunny sky. It was a brighter shade of blue.

So he looked up to the heavens and gave a dragon roar.
He spread his giant dragon wings “I’ll be lonely never more.”

He lifted off his mountaintop, where he’d sat for tens of years.
His heart was beating swiftly his eyes had happy tears.

He flew it seemed for miles he lost track of what he saw.
So he roared with dragon fire and he showed his dragon claws.

This went on for days or weeks he lost track of all the time.
Dragon dancing with the clouds, “I know that she’ll be mine.”

Even though he couldn’t find her, his grief was now his hope.
He never thought his wish-fulness was such a slippery slope.

Then one day it occurred to him that he should sit and wait.
So quietly he hid himself a self-made dragon bait.

All at once she appeared to him, flying right between his eyes.
“Hey! You are not a dragon. You’re just a butterfly!”

She laughed and kissed him gently upon his dragon nose.
And one by one his lime green scales turned a bright red shade of rose.

“I know I’m just a butterfly and you’re a mighty beast,
But I’ll love you for eternity so our loneliness will cease.”

He listened to her quietly, as she whispered in his ear,
While all his dragon happiness was changed to rage and fear.

“I could love other butterflies,” she softly said to him.
“Only you are so much different your love hides deep within.”

“I gave my heart to one like me so very long ago,
But he had others on his mind and he said that I should go.”

“Then one day I saw you, I watched you from afar.
You seemed to feel so lonely. You needed love back in your heart.”

“I saw the tears of loneliness fill your big brown dragon eyes.
I knew that you must have a heart, you just didn’t realize.”

By now the dragon’s anger had finally reached its peak.
What gave this puny butterfly the right to spy and sneak?

He let a dragon roar out with his head held to the sky.
He told her things he shouldn’t have said and she began to cry.

He lifted himself into the air, telling her she was a slug
And that’s the worst thing you can say to someone who’s a bug.

He yelled at her so cruelly that she began to fly away.
He pushed her with his dragon tail just to help her on her way.

He flew back to his mountaintop, feeling sad for what he’d said.
Knowing that he’d never find another love like she had, had.

She loved him unconditionally, now this was very true.
And love like that is seldom shared, except by very few.

What was it that had scared him so? He held love within his hand.
He didn’t know the answer he just didn’t understand.

So he set out on a mission to find the answer why.
He set out on a journey to find that butterfly.

After many days of travel, way deep in the dark wood,
The dragon met some people who said they’d help him if they could.

First he must be willing to lose his dragon scales –
To look way deep inside himself he must surrender or he’d fail.

He must be willing, win or lose, to do this on his own,
Live with certain simple steps or die cold and alone.

This was hard to understand you see He’d been a dragon all his life.
But he had tasted happiness he wanted to taste life.

So he told them of his feelings, all the good ones and the bad.
He told them he was powerless over problems that he had.

Then a strange thing happened, much to his surprise,
His dragon scales started falling off, just a little at a time.

He started to feel human, much more so like a man.
He felt that he could make it, by following a simple plan.

Now he felt much safer, with a mark upon his back.
To remind him of his dragon ways in case his faith should slack.

One day while he was walking, with his head held way up high,
He saw someone familiar. It was a girl with bright blue eyes.

She smiled at him softly, said she new that he would win.
She looked into his dark brown eyes and saw the man that he had been.

As the dragon looked more closely, he saw a twinkle in her eye.
He knew that he had finally found his loving butterfly.

If there’s a moral to this story, something you can use,
It’s do not search in vain for love for true love will find you.




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