One Maiden, One Night


Long, long ago
A story was told
By minstrels and jesters
Rhymers and bards

It was told in the castles
And outlying shards
A tale of a birthright
A tale of regard

It was told of a kingdom
Its ongoing plight
Was all on the shoulders
Of one maiden, one night

The maiden, it seemed,
Was heir to be queen
But for the sake of the kingdom
She needed a king

She knew all the players
The brave dragon slayers
Who thought with their sword,
And of this, she was bored

But one was so gallant
She let out a moan
This fop had talent,
“He pulled his sword from a stone”

So she set up a meeting
To see if he might
Be willing to stay
With one maiden, one night

They got down to business
And what set him apart
He was valiant in swordplay
But gentle in heart

The next day they married
A king for a queen
His name was Arthur
And hers was Irene…




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