Author notes:

It’s a good thing we never had to find out, what the world would have been like without her….

Rosa Parks – 1913-2005
Written October 26th, 2005


Some have forgotten,
The young may not know,
That the garden we live in
Was changed by a rose.

Such a short little bus trip
Took so many years,
Through sorrow and pain,
Across rivers of tears.

Your lives had their places,
You were told what to do,
But they couldn’t break Rosa,
Not a woman like you.

Not to relinquish
What you felt was right,
With soft spoken wisdom
You led a nation to light.

You couldn’t have known
That your actions that day
Would show so many people
The err of their way.

You couldn’t have known
That a movement would start
To bring us together
After drifting apart.

Thanks Mrs. Parks,
As we demoralized,
The chance that you took
Made us open our eyes.

Thanks, Mrs. Parks
For the stand that you chose,
Refusing to let them
Divide and dispose.

Goodbye, Mrs. Parks,
The world may not know,
But God has reached down
And picked Him a Rose….


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