Just a Man

I wrote this awhile back, I don’t want to take away from the piece with an explanation…but I’ve always felt this true…and often to late…lol


I don’t know all life’s meanings,
there’s too much to understand,
like why my path’s not clear today.
But then, I’m just a man.

I know that God made woman,
the stronger of the two.
You comprehend expression
so, I need to learn from you.

Tell me all about loneliness,
Or could you please explain,
why one cloud brings such happiness
while the other brings me rain?

I can only start to wonder
just where it all began.
It may seem simple to some of you,
but then, I’m just a man.

Maybe you could tell me
why, when I’m touching you,
you can feel me deep inside.
I’d like to go there, too.

Tell me all about sorrow,
why it’s feelings still remain.
Is it something I must always have?
It’s no good to swallow pain.

I seem to fly in circles
with no clue on where to land.
I’ll never touch the ground again,
but then, I’m just a man.

My eyes have never shown you,
yet, within me tears do fall,
Drowning out what joy I have –
why must I lose it all?

What about my happiness?
Was it just a lie?
It seems the only thing for sure
is this confusion deep inside.

You say that it’s so easy,
yet it slips right through my hands.
A child could grasp the meaning,
But then, I’m just a man.


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