The Dream Catcher

….OK, I’ve finished the story, it does need some editing and punctuation work (not to mention a more picture/storybook format) I know it’s a long read like this but I wanted to get the story posted, you can get a better idea of whats going on here “Dream Catcher”…I have shifted over to work on a few other projects….PEACE…
-EDITED 7/3/13-

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Dream Catcher


Heather lie in her bed
She was sooo fast asleep
With her blankets wrapped tight
Big warm socks on her feet
She was dreaming of sunshine
Of warm summer days
But in the blink of an eye

It all went away

The sun was replaced by the dark of the night
And Heather for certain was covered in fright

Then it appeared, just out of the dark
A luminous glow,
A spectacular spark
As it got closer Heather did see
The most incredible thing, you could ever believe

It was colored so bright with big feet and two hands
Covered in feathers with a rainbow headband
It had a long cape, of tangley thread
And it carried a net that was a spidery web

“Hello” it said smiling, a smile of bright blue
I’m the dream catcher, and I’m here to help you”

“Your name is Heather, I’m your appointee
My name is Dream Catcher, but ‘PLEASE!’ call me DC”

“Here, to help me?” Heather said with a start
“You just about scared me half out of my heart”

“Sorry,” the dream catcher said, “I forgot”
“That happens quiet often, I get that a lot”

“Besides” Heather said quite quizzically
“Why would you be here I’m quite fine you see”
“I’m just looking to find, a switch for the light”
“Then everything here will turn out just right”

“Heather” the Dream Catcher whispered, “it seems
That you haven’t yet noticed, you’re trapped in a dream”

Heather looked at the creature with a scared little smirk,
“I know that you’re joking, now don’t be a jerk!
If I was trapped in a dream as you say.
The minute I wake up this would go all away
Besides everyone knows that cannot be true
Trapped in a dream, is that the best you can do”

Just then, all at once she heard a loud “clank”
She looked all around, her heart it just sank
For standing, maybe a, few feet away
Was the ugliest ogre, with a club and toupee

Heather didn’t know whether to run or to laugh
For the ogre it stood just a foot and a half
“Run!” cried the Dream Catcher “Run really fast!”
“I’m losing control on the spell I just cast”

Heather ran fast, as fast as she could
When she finally stopped the place where she stood
Was a hopeless dead-end, the edge of a cliff
Then Dream Catcher bumped her, she went very stiff
As they fell into the darkness with a gasp and a whiff

“OH NO!” shouted DC “this wasn’t the plan
Heather my dear grab hold of my hand”
As they tumbled, and fumbled and fell threw the air
DC was mumbling, as Heather just stared
Just as the bottom came into sight
Everything started shifting, and then it turned


Heather jumped up screaming, “What is this stuff?”
DC just whispered, “I think its called fluff”
“Fluff!” shouted heather “it’s stuck to my hair,
My arms, and my legs, it’s stuck everywhere,
Couldn’t you’ve thought of something less icky
I’m scared and I’m tired, but mostly just sticky!”

“Well” protested DC, “I didn’t have much time
It was marshmallow fluff or a pool of green slime.”
“The dreams that I have, they all came from you
When you’re sleeping at night, or hmmm, sometimes in school”

Heather’s face got real red as she looked at DC,
“But math is so boring” she said with a plea.
“It’s not real important, not here and not now
We need to keep moving to find our way out”

DC looked around; they were in a large room
With gray granite walls, it smelled like a tomb
There were several ways out, an arch on each wall
Each opened the way, down a dark, creepy hall

“I know where we are!” Heather exclaimed
“I’ve been here before, in a video game”
“One of these hallways leads out of here.
If we pick the right one, we’ll be in the clear.
There’s only one thing it’s called the ‘Silk Rider’
The boss of the game it’s a big giant spider”

“Of course” muttered DC, “how silly of me,
To think that just maybe, I might get to see.”
“A cute little puppy, that plays with a ball,
Or a kitten perhaps, named butterball.”
“What was I thinking, that’s not what I do,
I get all of the nightmares, the puppies slip through.”

Then all at once, Heather let out a scream.
For the biggest black spider that she’d ever seen
With glowing red eyes, long fangs that just gleamed
Was right behind DC, and it looked real mean.

“Run!” shouted Heather, “no time to decide.”
“Pick one of the hallways, a place we can hide.”
They started to run, down the one that he chose
But as they got close they both stopped and just froze

For standing in the middle, blocking their way
Was the ugliest ogre, with a club and toupee
But this wasn’t funny, wasn’t funny at all
For the ogre now stood over seven feet tall.

“Quick,” hollered DC, “to the one on the right”
So they ran to the next one, and then vanished from sight!

“It’s too dark in here” Heathers voice was affright
“Can you see in the dark? Or give us some light?”

” I’m not sure that I want to!” muttered DC.
“After what I just saw, I’m afraid what I’d see

“This dream that you’re having, it’s nearing full swing”
“Time to call in a favor, an old fashioned “RING”


Just then a large doorway, with a big wooden door
Opened up next to heather, with a squeak and a snore

“What is this?” shouted Heather. “How did it get here?”
“There’s a door and its open, but the thing that’s not clear
Is where did it come from I know this sounds weird
The thing kind of magically just “sorta”, appeared”

“IT’S OPEN!” cried DC


And the spider behind him is causing great stress,
So if the door that you speak of, latch is undone,
WHEN, ever YOU’RE ready I suggest that we


And it was……………………….. And they did

When they stepped thru the doorway it just disappeared.
Leaving them waist deep in something that looked really weird…


Yelled Heather “Not my first choice for food”,
“While this batter will keep us extremely well glued,
To wherever we wander, whatever we bump.
We’ll turn into statues, I say we.”

“Give up”

“NOT on my WATCH! NEVER! I say
I will take this for that,

“Besides” countered DC

“The ends real close, I can tell by the batter
I do see an end to this nightmarish matter.”

“This is our chance; it’s all up to you
Its planned circumstance
But first, out of this GOO.”

“If you remember, Miss Heather
I’m sure you’ll recall
The ring to Dream Weaver
It was a frantic, phone call.”

“But he has given us fortune
He has given us time
To get out of this nightmare
Leave it all far, behind.”

“If we follow this through
I can promise you this
We will soon realize
This was more than a gift.”

“Well” questioned Heather
Don’t you think we should leave?
I mean, it hasn’t been nice here
Why disappoint Mr. Weave’.

“Why, yes you’re right.” Laughed DC
It’s true, and you’re right
But only you will be leaving
I will stay here tonight.”

“I know what you’re thinking,
But don’t worry yourself
You need to get back now
I can finish myself.”

“You see” explained DC “You need to get back
A great day is just waiting as a matter of fact,
Don’t worry about this one, I will end everything
You’ll wake in the morning, you won’t remember a thing.”

Heather looked at DC, “Now what do you mean
That when I wake up I won’t remember a thing”
“The spiders and ogres I really don’t care
But to forget about you, well that’s really not fair”

“Wait” started DC, “You don’t understand
You may not remember, but you’ll know what I am”
“I may hang in your window, the pic on your screens,
Hung around your doorknob, just waiting for dreams.”

“So as long as you wake, with a smile on your face
I’ll get to remember tonight’s escapades
And not only that, if you wake with a grin
The next time you need me we can do this again.”

Heather awoke to the sound of her mom
Opening curtains and sounding alarms
“You have to get up – You’ll be late for school
On this beautiful morning, that just wouldn’t do.”

Then the sun through the window, gave her a surprise
She sat up on her pillows, as she opened her eyes
Her smile was instant it shown like a beam
As she thought to herself,

“What a wonderful dream”….


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