Heart to Heart II

From 2004, this piece starts as the original Heart to Heart ends….for me as a writer I often visit my past, it helps me to understand my present and prepare me  for my future…I hope you enjoy….



I stopped asking my heart questions,
just listened to what it said —
It whispered into my soul…

          It’s 5 a.m., do you know where your heart is at?


It is in your eyes
I saw its reflection as I went searching for a place to hide

It lives in the circle of your arms
where my defenses fled as you kept me from harm

It is in your hands
As your gentle embrace helps me to understand

It radiates in your smile
that starts at the corner of your mouth and tarries there awhile

It is in your voice
For I hear its whispering beat as your words rejoice

It breathes within a deep sigh
that meets eternity as it gently melds with my reply

It is on your lips
Its taste lingers on after each kiss

It leaves a trail to follow
through yesterday, today and tomorrow

It is in the silence of your words
that speak to my soul and are always heard

It rests within your world
Where dreams and truth forever swirl

It is in everything you do
I felt its presence right from the start

A piece of my heart is within you
No matter the distance or time we are apart….


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