The Yellow Buttoned Jacket


In the town of toadstool valley
In the land of spongy spores
Lived a yellow buttoned jacket
That belonged to Captain Moor

The captain was a sailorman
Who sailed the seven seas
In a junk he called Jalopy
That floated with the breeze

He liked to fish for trinkets
And hunt for buried chest
But listening to the wee gulls
Was the thing he liked the best

Now the yellow buttoned jacket
Spent its time hung from a nail
Aboard the junk, Jalopy
Below the starboard sail

The jacket dreamed of trousers
With matching hat and tie
The captain dreamed of treasures
And sweet apple butter pie

Now it’s true the captains sailing days
Upon the mighty seas
Were now in toadstool valley
Upon lake memories

One day while he was fishing
For some polka dotted perch
His bobber started bobbing
While his pole began to lurch

He jumped up from his sailor’s seat
As he cranked upon the reel
The jalopy started spinning fast
As he let go of the wheel

It spun him to the left so fast
Then spun him to the right
He even did a summersault
As he held the pole so tight

It pulled him up, it pulled him down
He was tangled taut and true
While the junk he called Jalopy
Capsized a small canoe

Now the captain finally reeled in
As Jalopy came about
A chest of wood and leather
And one purple snouted trout

The captain was excited
“Oh I wonder what I’ve found”
But the trout not so delighted
Was flopping up and down

“I know you’ve come for dinner”
The captain winked at him
Then threw him back into the lake
“I hope that you can swim”

As the captain bent down to inspect
To give the chest a pry
A whiff he sniffed upon the breeze
Of apple butter pie


— His mouth it started watering
His body started trembling
His hands they started fidgeting
His voice was softly murmuring —


The captain started mumbling
He forgot about the chest
He turned his boat “Jalopy”
And started heading west

 Now the yellow buttoned jacket
Who was supported by the nail
Was held in contemplation
Below the starboard sail

The captain pulled up to a dock
Jumped out and tied some lines
The yellow buttoned jacket
Was released from its confines

Next he grabbed the treasure chest
Pulled once, and then pulled twice
He pulled it to the door with him
Just hoping for a slice

A lady opened up the door
For a moment stared at him
The captain smelled the cooling pies
Somewhere from deep within

“Excuse me mam, Please pardon me
But I couldn’t help but smell
That pie that I sniff cooling
A slice you’d like to sell”

“I have a chest of treasures
I’d be willing for a deal
For just a fork size morsel
This treasure is a steal

The captain grabbed onto the chest
It opened with a tug
But the chest was rather empty
So the captain gave a shrug

“The chest alone is worth 2 pies”
She said, and gave a grin
“I just moved down the mountain
Would be nice to have a friend”

The captain sailed away that day
With 2 apple butter pies
And the yellow buttoned jacket
With hope his day was nigh.






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