To gaze into my eyes, you’ll see
Life’s many tapestries
Held in place, as fate dictates
My many memories

But if you look more closely
To go far, far beyond
You’ll see that tears send ripples
Through reflections on my pond

It seems a weathered posted sign
Is meant to specify
There’s no fishing in this heart of mine
Its waters have gone dry

The dust is heavy, with each step I take
Upon the road I tread
No forks for me to choose from
Just the barren road ahead

Like a blind musician
I play life’s streets of doubt
Sometimes I reveal, on what’s bestowed
Sometimes I go without

Like the gentle spiders web
That holds the morning’s dew
The world was light upon my back
But that’s when I had you

So I’ll gaze into the starlit night
I’ll never see the lights
For my beauties in the blackness
The darkness of daylight


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