“Victims 2”


Author notes:

*This may seem offensive to some*

There are many forms of addiction
And they make victims of everyone involved
It’s a scary thing complicated by the feelings, or lack of
Sometimes in order to win, we must simply surrender…


“Victims 2”



I don’t need to exist.
Fuck that mirror,
Fuck all the mirrors!
Those reflections lie.
That aint me,

That person doesn’t exist.
Ask anybody.
They’ll tell you.

I was the life of the party,
But now they don’t invite me.
I’m just obnoxious
They treat me like some 
Fucking Leper,
I don’t exist.
Fuck them!
All they can talk about 
Is the times I pissed myself.

So I broke a few mirrors…
Fuck those reflections,
Mirrors lie.
Who cares about 
The blood on the carpet.
They don’t know,
That’s not pain.

Fuck pain.
Cuts aren’t pain,
Feelings are pain.

And I don’t have to feel…

I don’t want to feel,
Feelings get in the way.
Fuck feelings.

Friends, family, kids —
They just run away.
Who cares…
‘Cause all of that shit,
It just equals feelings,
Fuck feelings!

I know how to handle feeling.
I know how to feel, 
I know how to feel

Just one more drink,
I know how to feel
I don’t need anybody 
telling me

Fuck HALT!
I don’t need to HALT!
Those are feelings.
So I slipped,
At least I didn’t have far to fall.

I know I can do it,
I know I can do it
On my own.
I know how to feel,
I know how to feel 
Just one more drink.

At least I don’t have far to fall.
The doctor tells me I’m dying,
My liver
My pancreas
My stomach.
Fuck the doctor.
He’s a fool —
He doesn’t realize…
I’m already 

Fuck mirrors,
Fuck those reflections,
Mirrors lie.

That’s not me,
I don’t 



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