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I can revisit my childhood, make up stories, or run around the room screaming…


….Whats not to like….

Peace Abel

Platypus Zac and the Boll Weevil Blues


Author notes:

This is a new children`s rhyme I`m working on….just wanted to post what I have so far….I just need the time to actually be able to sit down and finish it….it`s not as easy as one may think when you work for a living…lol…anyway maybe you could let me know what you think….PEACE




    Hey !
You need a little rain for the ole tadpole
You need a little rain just to cast your pole
You need a little rain to see a bright rainbow
You need a little rain to let the saw grass grow

Now platypus Zac, he lived in a shack
Deep in the sassafras swamp
Every night by the fireflies light
You could hear his guitar “Chomp”
His steel harp sang from the heart
With a little “sassafras” stomp
As he played his song, till the break of dawn
Just to get the rhythm right…..

You need a little rain for the ole tadpole
You need a little rain just to cast your pole
You need a little rain to see a bright rainbow
You need a little rain to let the saw grass grow

Sultry days when the sun won’t shine
An the alligators “chompin” at this heart of mine
I sing a little song just to ease my soul
About a little boll of cotton and boll weevil….


…..You can’t plant cotton in a crooked row
You can’t plant cotton with the boll weevil


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The Yellow Buttoned Jacket


In the town of toadstool valley
In the land of spongy spores
Lived a yellow buttoned jacket
That belonged to Captain Moor

The captain was a sailorman
Who sailed the seven seas
In a junk he called Jalopy
That floated with the breeze

He liked to fish for trinkets
And hunt for buried chest
But listening to the wee gulls
Was the thing he liked the best

Now the yellow buttoned jacket
Spent its time hung from a nail
Aboard the junk, Jalopy
Below the starboard sail

The jacket dreamed of trousers
With matching hat and tie
The captain dreamed of treasures
And sweet apple butter pie

Now it’s true the captains sailing days
Upon the mighty seas
Were now in toadstool valley
Upon lake memories

One day while he was fishing
For some polka dotted perch
His bobber started bobbing
While his pole began to lurch

He jumped up from his sailor’s seat
As he cranked upon the reel
The jalopy started spinning fast
As he let go of the wheel

It spun him to the left so fast
Then spun him to the right
He even did a summersault
As he held the pole so tight

It pulled him up, it pulled him down
He was tangled taut and true
While the junk he called Jalopy
Capsized a small canoe

Now the captain finally reeled in
As Jalopy came about
A chest of wood and leather
And one purple snouted trout

The captain was excited
“Oh I wonder what I’ve found”
But the trout not so delighted
Was flopping up and down

“I know you’ve come for dinner”
The captain winked at him
Then threw him back into the lake
“I hope that you can swim”

As the captain bent down to inspect
To give the chest a pry
A whiff he sniffed upon the breeze
Of apple butter pie


— His mouth it started watering
His body started trembling
His hands they started fidgeting
His voice was softly murmuring —


The captain started mumbling
He forgot about the chest
He turned his boat “Jalopy”
And started heading west

 Now the yellow buttoned jacket
Who was supported by the nail
Was held in contemplation
Below the starboard sail

The captain pulled up to a dock
Jumped out and tied some lines
The yellow buttoned jacket
Was released from its confines

Next he grabbed the treasure chest
Pulled once, and then pulled twice
He pulled it to the door with him
Just hoping for a slice

A lady opened up the door
For a moment stared at him
The captain smelled the cooling pies
Somewhere from deep within

“Excuse me mam, Please pardon me
But I couldn’t help but smell
That pie that I sniff cooling
A slice you’d like to sell”

“I have a chest of treasures
I’d be willing for a deal
For just a fork size morsel
This treasure is a steal

The captain grabbed onto the chest
It opened with a tug
But the chest was rather empty
So the captain gave a shrug

“The chest alone is worth 2 pies”
She said, and gave a grin
“I just moved down the mountain
Would be nice to have a friend”

The captain sailed away that day
With 2 apple butter pies
And the yellow buttoned jacket
With hope his day was nigh.





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The Dream Catcher

….OK, I’ve finished the story, it does need some editing and punctuation work (not to mention a more picture/storybook format) I know it’s a long read like this but I wanted to get the story posted, you can get a better idea of whats going on here “Dream Catcher”…I have shifted over to work on a few other projects….PEACE…
-EDITED 7/3/13-

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Dream Catcher


Heather lie in her bed
She was sooo fast asleep
With her blankets wrapped tight
Big warm socks on her feet
She was dreaming of sunshine
Of warm summer days
But in the blink of an eye

It all went away

The sun was replaced by the dark of the night
And Heather for certain was covered in fright

Then it appeared, just out of the dark
A luminous glow,
A spectacular spark
As it got closer Heather did see
The most incredible thing, you could ever believe

It was colored so bright with big feet and two hands
Covered in feathers with a rainbow headband
It had a long cape, of tangley thread
And it carried a net that was a spidery web

“Hello” it said smiling, a smile of bright blue
I’m the dream catcher, and I’m here to help you”

“Your name is Heather, I’m your appointee
My name is Dream Catcher, but ‘PLEASE!’ call me DC”

“Here, to help me?” Heather said with a start
“You just about scared me half out of my heart”

“Sorry,” the dream catcher said, “I forgot”
“That happens quiet often, I get that a lot”

“Besides” Heather said quite quizzically
“Why would you be here I’m quite fine you see”
“I’m just looking to find, a switch for the light”
“Then everything here will turn out just right”

“Heather” the Dream Catcher whispered, “it seems
That you haven’t yet noticed, you’re trapped in a dream”

Heather looked at the creature with a scared little smirk,
“I know that you’re joking, now don’t be a jerk!
If I was trapped in a dream as you say.
The minute I wake up this would go all away
Besides everyone knows that cannot be true
Trapped in a dream, is that the best you can do”

Just then, all at once she heard a loud “clank”
She looked all around, her heart it just sank
For standing, maybe a, few feet away
Was the ugliest ogre, with a club and toupee

Heather didn’t know whether to run or to laugh
For the ogre it stood just a foot and a half
“Run!” cried the Dream Catcher “Run really fast!”
“I’m losing control on the spell I just cast”

Heather ran fast, as fast as she could
When she finally stopped the place where she stood
Was a hopeless dead-end, the edge of a cliff
Then Dream Catcher bumped her, she went very stiff
As they fell into the darkness with a gasp and a whiff

“OH NO!” shouted DC “this wasn’t the plan
Heather my dear grab hold of my hand”
As they tumbled, and fumbled and fell threw the air
DC was mumbling, as Heather just stared
Just as the bottom came into sight
Everything started shifting, and then it turned


Heather jumped up screaming, “What is this stuff?”
DC just whispered, “I think its called fluff”
“Fluff!” shouted heather “it’s stuck to my hair,
My arms, and my legs, it’s stuck everywhere,
Couldn’t you’ve thought of something less icky
I’m scared and I’m tired, but mostly just sticky!”

“Well” protested DC, “I didn’t have much time
It was marshmallow fluff or a pool of green slime.”
“The dreams that I have, they all came from you
When you’re sleeping at night, or hmmm, sometimes in school”

Heather’s face got real red as she looked at DC,
“But math is so boring” she said with a plea.
“It’s not real important, not here and not now
We need to keep moving to find our way out”

DC looked around; they were in a large room
With gray granite walls, it smelled like a tomb
There were several ways out, an arch on each wall
Each opened the way, down a dark, creepy hall

“I know where we are!” Heather exclaimed
“I’ve been here before, in a video game”
“One of these hallways leads out of here.
If we pick the right one, we’ll be in the clear.
There’s only one thing it’s called the ‘Silk Rider’
The boss of the game it’s a big giant spider”

“Of course” muttered DC, “how silly of me,
To think that just maybe, I might get to see.”
“A cute little puppy, that plays with a ball,
Or a kitten perhaps, named butterball.”
“What was I thinking, that’s not what I do,
I get all of the nightmares, the puppies slip through.”

Then all at once, Heather let out a scream.
For the biggest black spider that she’d ever seen
With glowing red eyes, long fangs that just gleamed
Was right behind DC, and it looked real mean.

“Run!” shouted Heather, “no time to decide.”
“Pick one of the hallways, a place we can hide.”
They started to run, down the one that he chose
But as they got close they both stopped and just froze

For standing in the middle, blocking their way
Was the ugliest ogre, with a club and toupee
But this wasn’t funny, wasn’t funny at all
For the ogre now stood over seven feet tall.

“Quick,” hollered DC, “to the one on the right”
So they ran to the next one, and then vanished from sight!

“It’s too dark in here” Heathers voice was affright
“Can you see in the dark? Or give us some light?”

” I’m not sure that I want to!” muttered DC.
“After what I just saw, I’m afraid what I’d see

“This dream that you’re having, it’s nearing full swing”
“Time to call in a favor, an old fashioned “RING”


Just then a large doorway, with a big wooden door
Opened up next to heather, with a squeak and a snore

“What is this?” shouted Heather. “How did it get here?”
“There’s a door and its open, but the thing that’s not clear
Is where did it come from I know this sounds weird
The thing kind of magically just “sorta”, appeared”

“IT’S OPEN!” cried DC


And the spider behind him is causing great stress,
So if the door that you speak of, latch is undone,
WHEN, ever YOU’RE ready I suggest that we


And it was……………………….. And they did

When they stepped thru the doorway it just disappeared.
Leaving them waist deep in something that looked really weird…


Yelled Heather “Not my first choice for food”,
“While this batter will keep us extremely well glued,
To wherever we wander, whatever we bump.
We’ll turn into statues, I say we.”

“Give up”

“NOT on my WATCH! NEVER! I say
I will take this for that,

“Besides” countered DC

“The ends real close, I can tell by the batter
I do see an end to this nightmarish matter.”

“This is our chance; it’s all up to you
Its planned circumstance
But first, out of this GOO.”

“If you remember, Miss Heather
I’m sure you’ll recall
The ring to Dream Weaver
It was a frantic, phone call.”

“But he has given us fortune
He has given us time
To get out of this nightmare
Leave it all far, behind.”

“If we follow this through
I can promise you this
We will soon realize
This was more than a gift.”

“Well” questioned Heather
Don’t you think we should leave?
I mean, it hasn’t been nice here
Why disappoint Mr. Weave’.

“Why, yes you’re right.” Laughed DC
It’s true, and you’re right
But only you will be leaving
I will stay here tonight.”

“I know what you’re thinking,
But don’t worry yourself
You need to get back now
I can finish myself.”

“You see” explained DC “You need to get back
A great day is just waiting as a matter of fact,
Don’t worry about this one, I will end everything
You’ll wake in the morning, you won’t remember a thing.”

Heather looked at DC, “Now what do you mean
That when I wake up I won’t remember a thing”
“The spiders and ogres I really don’t care
But to forget about you, well that’s really not fair”

“Wait” started DC, “You don’t understand
You may not remember, but you’ll know what I am”
“I may hang in your window, the pic on your screens,
Hung around your doorknob, just waiting for dreams.”

“So as long as you wake, with a smile on your face
I’ll get to remember tonight’s escapades
And not only that, if you wake with a grin
The next time you need me we can do this again.”

Heather awoke to the sound of her mom
Opening curtains and sounding alarms
“You have to get up – You’ll be late for school
On this beautiful morning, that just wouldn’t do.”

Then the sun through the window, gave her a surprise
She sat up on her pillows, as she opened her eyes
Her smile was instant it shown like a beam
As she thought to herself,

“What a wonderful dream”….

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Christmas Magic


We’ve all heard the stories of the magical land:
Tales of Rudolph, Frosty and a jolly old man.
But part of the story that you may not know,
Is something that happened a long time ago.

It happened when Santa was still very young,
A sleigh full of orphans just out for some fun
They were rounding a corner far from the town,
When the wind started blowing and the snow falling down.

It was snowing so hard you could not see a thing,
So to keep up their spirits, they started to sing.
Now, what happened next is a mystery, they say.
For no one saw the basket blow off of the sleigh.

The basket was lifted high in the air,
Into the sky – With snow everywhere!
Blown miles and miles and miles from town,
Then coming to rest on the cold, winter ground.

It lay in the forest near a babbling creek,
When all of the animals came out for a peek.
Then what appeared was a luminous glow,
And out from the light stepped The Queen of the Snow.

She gazed at the child with the beautiful curl
“Oh my!” she said, “What a sweet little girl.”
She lifted her gently into her arms,
Whispered into her ear, “I will keep you from harm.”

“I will teach you the magic of the snow and the wind
For a day in the future when fate brings you him.”
The sweet little girl, as the years went on by
Became a beautiful woman with the passage of time.

One day she was out making it snow,
When she heard a strange voice say, “Whoa Dasher, Whoa!”
She stepped from the forest so she could hear,
And saw a young man, a sleigh and reindeer.

She walked up to him and said, “Sir, don’t you know,”
“nobody lives here. This is the North Pole!”
He looked into her eyes with a twinkling smile
and said, “Finding such beauty was worth every mile.”

“I came all this way to build a shop to make toys
For all of the children – the good girls and boys.
There is so much sadness in the world of today;
I will try to bring happiness, at least for one day.”

“If just for one day, I could bring people smiles,
I would travel a hundred or thousand more miles!
But I like what I see at this place called North Pole,
Then his whole body shook as he said, ‘HO! HO! HO! HO!’”

She smiled and asked him, “All this by yourself?
I’m looking around; I don’t see any help.
Well, maybe there’s something that I can do,
Otherwise, you’ll grow old before you are through.”

But even with two, it’s just too much by ourselves.
So, she lifted her arms and  “POOF!”  hundreds of elves!
I will leave all of you to build the workshop,
Then return with some food when the sun starts to drop.”

Now the elves being magic had, by the end of the day,
Completed the workshop and a place for the sleigh,
A home with a fire, a place for the elves,
A stable for reindeer and a room full of shelves.

Then the princess returned with the sleigh piled high
Full of cakes and confections and tasty cream pies,
Brownies with frosting, both chocolate and plain –
There were even some candies shaped like a cane!

When finally they finished the entire feast,
They all went to bed and fell fast asleep.
The very next day the princess came back
With more of the same, so they all had a snack.

Then Santa said, “We must start making the toys
For all of the children – the good girls and boys.
I’m afraid if I’m going to deliver them all
It will take all of winter and straight into fall.”

I’ve only one sleigh and eight tiny reindeer.
So it will take me some time, likely most of the year!
The princess just smiled, said, “Here, give them these.
Then patiently wait and soon you will see.”

He fed them the oats she had given to him,
Then all of the reindeer just started to grin.
They leaped in the air and flew all around,
Then landed back safely onto the white ground.

She smiled as she said, “Now, for you, this new suit.
It’s red and it’s black and it’s magic to boot.
I also placed magic around your old sleigh,
So now, the whole trip will take just one day!”

The handsome young man looked at her as he paused,
“My name is Kris Kringle. The kids call me Claus.
I could never repay you for all you have done,
Just having you here to share was such fun.”

They sat by the fire, sometime later that night,
When Kris looked at her and said, “Please, be my wife.”
The next day they were married, but not by themselves,
For they had hundreds to witness and all of them elves.

Now The Queen of the Snow looked down from the sky,
She wiped away tears and sighed a long sigh.
She was never so happy for one orphan girl,
The sweet little baby with the beautiful curl……


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Halloween Hill


Up on Halloween Hill
in the town of Old Crow
where the goblins dance
and pumpkins glow,
the pale moonlight
hangs bright and low,
casts its mysterious magic
on the world below.

Up on Halloween Hill
in the dark of the night,
in the month of October
when all are a-fright,
comes the 31st day
to all witches delight,
spirits, specters and ghouls
have been known to take flight.

But do not be frightened
of the day nor the deeds,
it’s a long-standing tradition
that one simply must heed.
Remain in your house,
a curfew decreed,
or those ghastly old ghoulies
will take chase, guaranteed!

A late night encounter
or a terror-filled peek
at what no longer lives
and what no longer breathes,
but walk, just the same,
on this horrible eve
to terrify all
whom dare not to believe.

Up on Halloween Hill,
in the town of Old Crow,
the young sometimes wander
even though they’re told, “No!”
But the mystery enchants,
so they just have to go,
most of them lost
to the fright-night’s shadows.

I’ve heard shrieks that race downhill,
they zigzag through the air,
after some foolish child
caught fast unaware.
They last but a minute,
but will give quite a scare,
in the town of Old Crow —
I think you know where!

I tell you this story,
so listen and hear,
take a little advice,
just forget and steer clear.
Lock yourself in your home,
keep your loved ones real near,
turn the lights way down dim,
try not to tremble with fear.

Just whatever you do,
please try to forego,
let the 31st pass —
Do not venture! Oh No!
For what lurks on that hill
in the town of Old Crow
is for Halloween ghosties
and witches to know.

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I once held a nugget
All chocolate and bright,
It danced ‘round my nose
Then vanished from sight.

“Oh, where did you go?”
I asked, licking my lips.
You were here for a moment
Between ~ fingertips.

I would like to invite you
Back, if you please,
For just a small taste
Of your company.

Oh, don’t you be silly,
I really won’t mind
If you bring along friends.
I’ll introduce you to mine:

This is marshmallow.
Over here, Peter Pan.
Caramel’s my friend
With the golden, light tan.

You don’t have to worry,
I’ll take care of you.
I will teach you to swim
In this pan for fondue.

Just think of yourself,
All warm and so thick.
I could swirl you around
With some fruit on a stick.

It’s up to you, truly.
There’s nothing amiss.
I would wrap you in foil
Then call you a kiss.

But if you’re still frightened,
Well, I understand.
Just hide in my mouth
You might melt in my hand…..

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“Sara’s Lesson”


Author notes:

This is another in The Big,Big,Lake Series….



Along the quiet shoreline of the peaceful big, big lake,
lived lots of other critters, big and small for goodness sake.

Now in the big, big forest, way up high amongst the trees,
there lived a squirrel named Sara; she was as stingy as could be.

She had a couple brothers, sisters, she had two,
and every time they asked to share, she’d put on a big “TA DO”.

She’d say:
“No you can not have it, or use it either way; you never know just when I might be needing it some day.”
“Don’t even think about it, don’t look, and I’ll be fine, JUST KEEP YOUR HANDS RIGHT OFF FROM IT! IT’S MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE!”

Both of Sara’s parents wondered why she wouldn’t share,
or why the sign upon her door, read: ENTER? DON’T YOU DARE!

Sara had a couple friends, at the tree she went to school,
and both of them, knew all about, little Sara’s “golden rule.”

Don’t ever ask from Sara, for a pen with which to write,
don’t ever ask from Sara, or you just might cause a fright.

One day while in her classroom, her teacher Mrs. Pest
said; “start collecting acorns, we’re having a contest.

It’s been a long hard winter, so we’ll give them to the poor,
all the acorns that you bring in, we’ll hand out door to door.

Now the squirrel with the most acorns will win this big surprise,
and when she opened up the box, WOW! The look in Sara’s eyes.

It was a trophy bright and shiny, it was gold and it was blue,
but to give up all her acorns, now she’d have to think this through.

She’d say:
“No you can not have it, or use it either way; you never know just when I might be needing it some day.”
“Don’t even think about it, don’t look and I’ll be fine, JUST KEEP YOUR HANDS RIGHT OFF FROM IT! IT’S MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE!”

When Sara got home from school that day, she was really quite upset,
“ I’ll never give up acorns, just to win this dumb contest.

But the trophy was bright and shiny, it was gold and it was blue,
“ and I really wouldn’t be giving them, just trading them, that’s true.

So Sara went to school that day, with her acorns piled high,
and when they got done counting them, they totaled twenty-five.

Class, Sara is the winner, they heard the speaker roar,
but before she gets her trophy, she’ll take them door to door.

Sara knocked upon the first door, an old woman answered, “yes”,
with tears she took some acorns, then simply said, “God bless”.

This went on through out the morning, then well into the day,
when the last one was delivered, they all heard Sara say.
“Yes, oh please, please take it, I don’t need it anyway. You never know just when I might be needing help someday”,
“Please, Don’t think about it, take it I don’t mind, ANYWAY THAT I CAN HELP, IS FINE, FINE, FINE, FINE, FINE”.

When Sara got the trophy home, engraved below her name,
the words, In Thankless Giving, There Is Never Any Shame.

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