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“The Dragon and The Butterfly” theme is about love, about commitment,you could say it’s about relationships, or achieving true serenity within one. It’s a ‘metaphor’ I like working with. Not to mention “The Dragon and The Butterfly” poem is one that can be shared with children. The “Chapters” version is going to be geared towards the young and the young at heart, with a few fun characters and hi-jinx sprinkled throughout.

Anyway I hope you enjoy reading this, I will be putting the finishing touches on “Chapters” and adding to this theme!

…Thanx, for taking the time…………………………………………………………………….

Peace, Abel

Of Dragons and of Butterflies


What is it that you see
Within the dragons eyes
Do you see into his soul
Of a thousand moonlit skies

What is it that you feel
Touching the dragon’s claws
Can you feel his strength within
To protect you from all harm

What is it that you sense
Deep in the dragons heart
Devotions everlasting
Only fairytales impart

There’s magic deeply buried
Inside a butterfly kiss
Softly in its playfulness
Deep desires do exist

Pure hypnotic slumber
Defines a butterfly’s flight
A careless incarnation
Of beauty and delight

To wrap yourself so freely
To get lost in her cocoon
Upon a silken blanket
Wrapped around a harvest moon

Of dragons and of butterflies
Of fairytales of love
Of happily ever after
Is what dreams are fashioned of….


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Of Butterflies and Dragons


A simple desire,
a matter of fact,
a bit of discovery
kept a spirit intact.

To float on a wish for
with hope as your wings,
this dragon remembers
how to dream within dreams.

Soft as a petal,
as easy as why,
you spread out your heart
then take to the sky.

You see the horizon,
the yellows and blues,
Eternity beckons
this lift within you.

To dance with the stardust,
a dream catcher’s eye,
this dragon remembers
a soft butterfly.

A flutter of lashes
A butterfly’s kiss
A long everlasting
We cease to resist….

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In Between


In between the moments
when the second hand will rest,
your world will stop its spinning
so that time may take a breath.

As the dragon’s wings stop pumping
the air from underneath,
it glides amongst the skyline
to find the landing which it seeks.

A butterfly will light
upon a single garden rose
and in the stillness beckon thee
as its wings dance to and fro.

In between the heartbeats,
the rhythm of your chest
will rise and fall in harmony,
making love a perfect test.

In dreams, I feel your warmth at night,
trace the outline of your smile,
I may never touch your supple lips,
your heart is more my style.

Fate’s a patient leopard
love, a gentle breeze
life is just a lock we hold,
our hopes, the final key.

In between the teardrops,
when your world seems torn apart,
just close your eyes and think of me
I’ll be the warm place in your heart.

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The Dragon’s Dance

The wind beneath the dragon’s wings
Excitement in the dance
Knowing too long
The dragon has been grounded
Too long
Sitting on its perch
Too long
Wrapped in the blacks and grays
Of its granite solitude
The wind feeling alive again
With the dragon’s wings
The dragon feeling one again
With the wind……

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