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Four Corners



In the farewell-summer
there’s a silent drummer
waking Autumn’s slumber
with a chill in the breeze.

When the leaves are turning,
setting fires burning,
Winter’s frost returning
with a kill in the freeze.

(I heard the geese say goodbye)

As the snow starts falling,
when the wind starts squalling,
I’m reminded of the calling
of the holiday bells

And somewhere down the dirt road
across the wooden bridge
where footsteps creak
well past the peak
where leafless trees
with branches bare
tangle the stars
far from the web
of the city
to stand

I always travel home, again
like I’m never really gone,
with cherished memories from
A Final Farewell.

Far from my Home


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Wild Flower

You are not a rose to me
Though beautiful and proud
To me you are the wild flower
That grows amongst the bough
A daisy in the morning
Queen Ann’s lace at night
Holly in the winter time
Apple blossoms pure and white
Poppies in the field
Crocus in the lawn
Multicolored lilies
Open up to greet the dawn
I have stood in wonderment
Of a field of dandelions
Or watched the graceful climbing
Of a single trumpet vine
Looked up to smell wisteria
From beneath its canopy
Or taken in the fragrance
Of lilacs in the breeze
You are not a single flower
To be thought of once or twice
You are part of everything
My world, my soul, my life…

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Cabin Fever

Soft butterfly flutters, rain on the shutters,
It’s spring as it knocks on my door.
The blooming of crocus on the front lawn says,
Winter’s been tucked in the drawer.

Neighbor folks, the bull frog croaks
In time, a squirrel
Hops from tree to tree.

The humming birds are just a blur
They dine, divine,
Along with the bees.

Colors of flowers bring sunlight for hours,
The smiles are returning again.
Run through the fields with mud on my heels
The grass is still wet from the rain.

Hassock’s swing, the warmth of spring
Is fine, a line
Sways against the breeze.

The budding rose tickles my nose,
Its vine will climb
As high as the trees.

The mums and the tulips that line my front doorsteps
Are begging me come out and play
When birds start their singing, my kite I’ll be stringing,
To float all my troubles away.

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Someone once told me
There are no such things as fairytales
Just words on paper brought to life in dreams

Fairytales are not just words on a page
For they start long before the first ink is spilled
Before the quill is dipped
When the parchment lay blank

Fairytales are not fireflies growing voices
But rather the soft flutter of leaves
Dancing to and fro in the breeze
Fairytales don’t start in the clouds
They quietly push themselves out of the ground
As they reach for the sun

Fairytales aren’t absorbed from the outside
Coming to life as they work their way in
They start on the inside
Exploding out like fireworks
In a dark summer sky
Painting multicolored pictures on one’s eye

Fairytales are more than dreams
They are the reality of reaching our goals
They are not running from
They are running to
Shaking off the darkness that pursues us
The chains that would bind us to one place

If fairytales weren’t real
Then clouds would just be clouds
All the flowers would smell the same
The birds wouldn’t be able to sing
If fairytales weren’t real
Everything would be just black and white

But everything isn’t just black and white

Someone once told me
There are no such things as fairytales
But someone blew me a kiss
I saw it grow butterfly wings
Dance across the meadow
To land on my cheek
Now every night the dragons dance
Around the moon
Chasing their tails like shooting stars
And the fireflies spell out your name
As they skip across a field of wildflowers

So make your wish
Dream your dreams
Don’t ever give up hope
But most of all
Believe in fairytales…..

©2010 Abe Rossi, All rights reserved.

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