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Wind Blue

Such a sad melody
Drifts like smoke
Hangs like cobwebs cling
On the breeze
Weighty across the valley
Floats, skims the grass
Such a sad melody
Crescendos build
On distant drums
Low heavy drones
Drip from the leaves
A single love lost
A single heart
Breaks, as the dawn
Swallowed by the
Night, in gales
The wind carries
Such a sad melody
To my ear
From my eye
Tears will
Fall, a chill in the
Air, I cannot breathe
Such a sad melody


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“Old As Dirt”

“When I am as old as the dirt
that frees me.”

Stumbling upon titles
to vehicles long gone
memories of youth
we seem to cling to, as mother earth
calls us back to her.

We walk through the quite green orchard
savor the fruit of the trees
though the sky seems so long
It’s the earth that cradles us.

In the beauty that survives,
in the beauty her children have not taken,
is a proud lady, true unconditional love
to another day of dress-up…

I understand now

……………………..when I hear her cry.

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For King, For God, For Country (scene 3)

OK in order to read scene 3 you will have to go here:

For King, For God, For Country

I have put them together on there own page, if you’ve already read 1 and 2 then scroll down…if not start with 1 to see if you even want to read 3….

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Heart to Heart II

From 2004, this piece starts as the original Heart to Heart ends….for me as a writer I often visit my past, it helps me to understand my present and prepare me  for my future…I hope you enjoy….



I stopped asking my heart questions,
just listened to what it said —
It whispered into my soul…

          It’s 5 a.m., do you know where your heart is at?


It is in your eyes
I saw its reflection as I went searching for a place to hide

It lives in the circle of your arms
where my defenses fled as you kept me from harm

It is in your hands
As your gentle embrace helps me to understand

It radiates in your smile
that starts at the corner of your mouth and tarries there awhile

It is in your voice
For I hear its whispering beat as your words rejoice

It breathes within a deep sigh
that meets eternity as it gently melds with my reply

It is on your lips
Its taste lingers on after each kiss

It leaves a trail to follow
through yesterday, today and tomorrow

It is in the silence of your words
that speak to my soul and are always heard

It rests within your world
Where dreams and truth forever swirl

It is in everything you do
I felt its presence right from the start

A piece of my heart is within you
No matter the distance or time we are apart….

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Just a Man

I wrote this awhile back, I don’t want to take away from the piece with an explanation…but I’ve always felt this true…and often to late…lol


I don’t know all life’s meanings,
there’s too much to understand,
like why my path’s not clear today.
But then, I’m just a man.

I know that God made woman,
the stronger of the two.
You comprehend expression
so, I need to learn from you.

Tell me all about loneliness,
Or could you please explain,
why one cloud brings such happiness
while the other brings me rain?

I can only start to wonder
just where it all began.
It may seem simple to some of you,
but then, I’m just a man.

Maybe you could tell me
why, when I’m touching you,
you can feel me deep inside.
I’d like to go there, too.

Tell me all about sorrow,
why it’s feelings still remain.
Is it something I must always have?
It’s no good to swallow pain.

I seem to fly in circles
with no clue on where to land.
I’ll never touch the ground again,
but then, I’m just a man.

My eyes have never shown you,
yet, within me tears do fall,
Drowning out what joy I have –
why must I lose it all?

What about my happiness?
Was it just a lie?
It seems the only thing for sure
is this confusion deep inside.

You say that it’s so easy,
yet it slips right through my hands.
A child could grasp the meaning,
But then, I’m just a man.

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St. Valentine’s Day

…Just a few “Odes to love”, A couple of my favorites for Valentine’s Day…….;)


Whenever I think of Valentine’s Day I think of Charlie Brown and….


The Little Red Haired Girl


I hid beneath your footsteps
I walked with you the miles
Hoping that the path you chose
Would pass through my turnstile

I sewed myself your shadow
Just to follow you unseen
Dancing round your body
Like a porcelain figurine

I brushed against you gently
Like the cobwebs hanging low
For just a chance to touch you
So afraid to let you know

I stood beside my mailbox
With this poem I wrote for you
Hoping that this valentine’s
You would send your heart so true

Again my box is empty
So my heart feels no relief
With my poem stuffed in my pocket
I hang my head, “Good Grief”



Pieces of me


A gentle cool breeze
Fell light upon my ear
Nourishing a dying rose
With incidental tears

Once thought dead to me
Ones cast away with fear
Plunging onto jagged rock
Now clouds of hope appear


Sometimes renders
Visions clearly seen
Words of understanding
Pirouette on what they mean

Upon fragile ice
I step with caution’s heed
So’s not to drown in sorrow
When air is what I need


Befall us
Unsure of what to feel
Not wanting the uncertainties
No matter their appeal

Must come slowly
Turned within a potter’s hand
A masterpiece before us
After firing will stand


I wish
I were love’s mason
I would mend your tragedy
And fill your gaps of emptiness
With little bits of me

I would
Sew a smile on your face
If handy with the thread
But a kiss is all I offer
And a brighter road ahead………………



As Simple As We…


The things that I look for
The way that I see
The hope that I feel
Are as simple as me

The peace in my heart
Seems long overdue
The dreams that I have
Are as simple as you

I gaze at the stars
I’m hoping to find
Something so real
That I can call mine

I gaze in your eyes
I need nothing more
The warmth that I feel
Is definably yours

As simple as you
As simple as me
Love can be simple
As simple as we…..





If I were the words,
Your thoughts, I would choose.
I as your poet,
You as my muse.

A dusty old inkwell
Or simple blank key
Until your touch
Awakened me.

My pages dispelled,
Would scatter about,
If not for your love
To bind them throughout.

You are the leaf
Of silky thin lace
So I don’t lose track,
Never losing my place.

If I had a verse
To make it begin,
I’d write out each chapter
So the story wouldn’t end.

From cover to cover,
Our souls would engage,
Forever rewriting
Without a last page….



Comment pourrais je tu oublier?


How could I forget you?

Your name is etched
on every grain of sand
In every desert

Your scent
Swallows the winter
To breathe the spring flowers

Your eyes
Hold captive
The sun and moon
From the time they are opened
Until sleep closes them for the night
When your dreams
Carry me away with them

How could I forget you
When nature
Gives me the beauty of the wisteria
The trees whisper your song
To the robins

And life reaches down to hold us
In its hands…



Hearts, Home, and Rainbows


It wasn’t the fact that
I didn’t have a heart.
Locked in
a protective coating
of tin, as it was.

Finding feelings
in my head was much
like looking for
Golden Thimbles
in a mountain of straw.

It wasn’t so much
the Heart or Brain
that was missing,
it was the Courage.
The Courage to love…

Somewhere between

Rainbow colors fading
into a black, white
and gray

Lost, far from home,
that Love was waiting
for Courage.

As you gave me
to open my heart,
find the feelings
deep, in the straw.

I will give you
Knowing that
If you Believe,

Just close your eyes…

Dream of home,
Click your heels together
three times and know:

Here, I will be waiting,
in a multicolored Kansas
at a place called Home —
For You
For Love


For those Ruby Red Slippers….

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Just maybe, God created Earth
Because He was lonely
For not a more beautiful Lady
Will you ever see…


I belong to the earth
Much more than ashes and dust
I live in her sunrise
I sleep in her night
She teaches me beauty
With heart and with sight

I belong to the earth
She’s aware of my every step
Sometimes, she will guide me
Sometimes, I will lead
Or just sharing the moment
Reminds me I’m free

I belong to the earth
She’s all that I need

I belong to the earth
I am part of her seed

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