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A Blip in Time

A blanket of clover
covers the valley’s floor
as the sun plays peek-a-boo
with the clouds.
The leaves whisper soft laughter
as the morning’s breezes
gently rock them awake.
Robins and chickadees
sing their young awake,
replacing the sounds of the
crickets and owls of the night.

Morning has broken
in the meadow
as deer stand upright on wobbly legs
and the chipmunks pop their heads out,
trying to focus their eyes
in the bright morning sun.
Ants appear from atop the pyramids of sand
they have built, full of the purpose
that another minute not be wasted.
As the butterfly spreads its wings,
letting the sun dry off the last remnant of dew,
before setting off in search of wildflowers.
The bees practicing a well choreographed
dance with the grass and sky.

It is quiet in the country,
it’s that moment locked in time,
that second of peacefulness
frozen as if in slow motion,
a stillness.

Until the next
eighteen wheeler shatters
the glass globe,
spilling the tranquility
as it splatters shards of serenity
across the concrete path
in which it runs……….


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Someone once told me
There are no such things as fairytales
Just words on paper brought to life in dreams

Fairytales are not just words on a page
For they start long before the first ink is spilled
Before the quill is dipped
When the parchment lay blank

Fairytales are not fireflies growing voices
But rather the soft flutter of leaves
Dancing to and fro in the breeze
Fairytales don’t start in the clouds
They quietly push themselves out of the ground
As they reach for the sun

Fairytales aren’t absorbed from the outside
Coming to life as they work their way in
They start on the inside
Exploding out like fireworks
In a dark summer sky
Painting multicolored pictures on one’s eye

Fairytales are more than dreams
They are the reality of reaching our goals
They are not running from
They are running to
Shaking off the darkness that pursues us
The chains that would bind us to one place

If fairytales weren’t real
Then clouds would just be clouds
All the flowers would smell the same
The birds wouldn’t be able to sing
If fairytales weren’t real
Everything would be just black and white

But everything isn’t just black and white

Someone once told me
There are no such things as fairytales
But someone blew me a kiss
I saw it grow butterfly wings
Dance across the meadow
To land on my cheek
Now every night the dragons dance
Around the moon
Chasing their tails like shooting stars
And the fireflies spell out your name
As they skip across a field of wildflowers

So make your wish
Dream your dreams
Don’t ever give up hope
But most of all
Believe in fairytales…..

©2010 Abe Rossi, All rights reserved.

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