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The Judas Flower



I close my eyes,
to a yellow sun,
from a scarlet rose,
to a crimson mum.

I turn my head,
I’m not so proud,
to sow the seeds,
of a mushroom cloud.

I cut my hands,
as I pull the weeds,
of all the thorns,
that disagree with me.

I will not breathe,
the stench and rot,
the compost pile,
of forget me nots.

I cover my ears,
when I get wind of,
the peace plants rustle,
or the white doves song.

I refuse to walk,
in the garden of life,
without a kero can,
or a sharp bone knife.

I’ll swing my arm,
with a sickle blade,
I’ll show your god,
he must behave.

I laugh out loud,
as we nail his son,
to a wooden cross,
to wear a sharp thorn crown.

I will whisper war,
in his church bells ring,
so his children see,
who is truly king.


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The Honey Pot

I looked upon the honey pot
Saw the flies dying
In a false hope of happiness
Is it the honeys fault
For having such allure
Or the flies
For wanting to taste such happiness

I saw a man in a dream
Dressed as a roman

“I gave them The Father,
I gave them The Son,
I gave them The Church,
I will give them the honey,
the road to happiness
will be a bloody one.”

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For King, For God, For Country (scene 3)

OK in order to read scene 3 you will have to go here:

For King, For God, For Country

I have put them together on there own page, if you’ve already read 1 and 2 then scroll down…if not start with 1 to see if you even want to read 3….

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I see a star in the eastern sky
Somewhere in a manger a babies cry
A Son of Nazareth I am told
The King of Men, Gabriel foretold

Son of Mary, Josephs ward
Son of the Highest, Almighty Lord
The kings of nations I am told
Bring incense, myrrh, good will and gold

Could it be Him, could it be Him
Could it be Him, Oh Bethlehem

A light that shone throughout the land
The son of God, a friend of man
A prophecy that was foretold
The Prince of Peace the world beholds

A star of hope today was born
A savior, wrapped in Mothers arms
So spread the word, it has begun
In His name, His will be done

Could it be him, could it be him
Oh sing the hymn, Jerusalem


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Ghosts of Christmas Past


“For there is born to you, this day,
in the city of David, a Savior,
who is Christ the Lord.”

…that’s when I wake up
a cold sweat,
I’ve had the same dream now
for more years than I can remember

Always happens around the holidays,
year after year, I only wish
I knew what they meant

Nobody else seems to know, either,
they all just think I’m crazy –
Finally went off the deep end,
even the meds don’t help

always one word
stuck in my head
plays over and over again


I wish I knew what it meant…
I’ve referenced it,
plugged it into every data base
available to me,
scoured every resource possible

Yet, it’s almost as though
it just disappeared,
somewhere around 2005,
more than 150 years ago

I know it had something
to do with
December 25th,
but that’s where

…Every kid growing up knows
that’s Santa’s time –
the sleigh
the reindeer
the presents
The Holidays…

So what is this
“Christmas” thing?

What does it have to do
with anything?
What do these dreams
have to do with
The Holidays?

Maybe I am going crazy,
Maybe everyone’s right

At least it’s almost over,
Just 2 more days till
December 25th
then the holiday
will be over,
and so will these dreams –

This “ghost” of Christmas

will be just a memory,
the nightmares will be gone,
I will have survived it once more

Till next year….

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Blue Avenue (Spirit)




A lost word
Somewhere between
Standing in line
At the soup kitchen
And seeing your best friend
Freeze to death
In an alley
Most dogs lived better


Was what you saw
Shivering so bad
On the street
At night
You just
Had one thought

I had my ghost of
Christmas past
He ran
When it all
Now my
Christmas future
Depends on staying awake
Or never
Waking again

I remember
Having one of those
Big smiles
One of those
Bright bows
It was because of
Until a stray bullet
On the street
Found a home
In her brain
That’s when I lost
When I lost everything
I stopped caring
When I lost her
When I lost


From time to time
She still visits me
When I’m
Shivering so bad
On the street
At night
She keeps me alive
Hour by hour
I know it’s not her
Not the real her
She’s dead
She’s lost
Like the word


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“Breast Fed”

I’m re-posting this because a couple of weeks ago my seventy-something year old mom was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. When I wrote this some years back I tried to imagine the fear a woman would go through. Now I have felt it first hand. My father passed away right in front of me some 10 years ago. She is all my brother, sisters and I have left and our fear is real too. So today when she went into surgery we were there to hold her hand. Out of respect, out of love, and to let her know all the tears she wiped from our eyes and the band-aids she put on our hurts wasn’t for nothing. We love you mom…….

Author notes:

(Society is so shallow judging a persons beauty
By what’s on the outside rather than the inside
We are “Breast Fed” what to look for in a person
Woman are dying of breast cancer everyday,
both in reality and on the inside.
And it’s not just the cancer that’s killing them.
Society is so shallow)…..Peace Abel


“Breast Fed”


Thank you God, for not taking everything.

Maybe, just maybe, this wouldn’t be
happening if I had checked sooner.
Damn it! Why didn’t I check sooner!

But then, maybe’s are nothing
more than soiled bed sheets.
Sometimes, maybe’s
just end up on the floor
And have nothing to do with
a good nights sleep.

Until the doctor said
God, I never realized
just how scary that word was…


All the poets in the world couldn’t
put a sugar-coating on it
to make it easier to swallow.

I saw the look on the doctor’s face.
I saw the look in your eyes,
but I felt the pain in my stomach.
I wanted to throw up –
It felt like my heart had exploded.

I knew how you felt.
I could see it,
I could feel it.
When we joked about my hair loss,
I could feel you wincing inside.
I looked “cute in a hat,”
You would say. I was “still
The Most Beautiful Woman in the World,”
to you.

Would I ever be a woman again?
Would I ever feel like a woman again?
If you could see,
If you could feel,
How it’s tearing me up inside.
I am so tired of crying.

You loved the way I looked
in those low cut dresses.
You loved the way I looked
in my bathing suit.
Sure, I didn’t have the body
of a model, but I did have
the body of a WOMAN!

Now I feel like
I’m taking it away from you.
You married a woman –
A whole woman.

I know how you feel
because I was born a woman,
a whole woman.
Now, I feel like
I’m going to die
less than that.

I don’t want to die.
So, I have to sacrifice
a part of me
To live.

I just don’t care anymore.
If living with one breast means
living, than I want to live.
But please, don’t tell me
I have to live without you, too.
I love you –
You made me feel so much
like a Woman.

Why did I need someone
to make me feel like a woman?
Why do I need anyone
to make me feel like a woman?
I’m still the same person –

I remember how you would hold my hand,
how you would squeeze it so softly,
and smile. How nothing else mattered,
Just US.

But you’re gone.
Where are you?
Why aren’t you here?

I’m lying here
on this hospital bed –
I feel so alone.
Ready to have my breast removed,
a part of me,
because I want to live,
because I’m a woman,
on the inside.
The same woman.

My eyes are so heavy,
I’m starting to fall asleep.
The nurses are here,
It’s time.
I can’t stay awake.

I feel something,
someone kiss my forehead.
I hear something,
someone is whispering in my ear.
“I’m sorry I’m late.
I realized how much I love you.
You will always be the only
Woman in my life.”
I feel someone squeeze my hand,
“I’ll be here when you awaken.”

Thank you God…
For not taking Everything…

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