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Summer Love


The sun shown threw my window
With images of you
The robin sang its morning song
Then took wing and flew.

The petals of a newborn rose
Unfold to grasp the sky
Every time I look at you
Or gaze into your eyes.

Your smiles like the daybreak
That peaks above the hills
Warming in its gentle touch
To cast away ones chills.

With eyes that catch the morning’s dew
So glistening and bright
They sparkle like the stars
Upon a moonless summers night.

A touch that’s like a rainbow
Where it softly kisses land
As tender as a butterfly
You cup within your hand.

Though it’s only been a moment
That I’ve known you from afar
You’re a richly painted landscape
Etched deep within my heart.


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You Are

Breaking over the hilltops
with beauty that will blind
if stared at too long.
You melt away
the icy, cold layer of chill
that envelops me,
with a warmth only you possess.
You cast light into my life,
You are the sun.

There is a mystery about you,
a romantic glow
in the darkness that surrounds.
You cast shadows of wonder,
a peaceful cascade of pale light,
so I may gaze at you,
so I may take you in
without fear.
You are the moon.

You fill a canvas of onyx sky
with splatters of sparkling light.
You paint pictures of white on black,
you mesmerize,
filling a galaxy
with droplets of bright love.
No matter what direction I look,
you are always to be found,
You are the stars.

You bring peacefulness to me,
pouring down on me
with drops of love.
You satisfy my insatiable thirst,
you turn my dry, burning desert
into an ocean of love,
drowning me
with your passion.
You are the rain

You sustain me,
giving me a place to be myself,
sheltering me from storms
that threaten to tear me apart.
You give me a place to grow,
you feed a hunger inside me.
Everything you have to offer is mine,
everything I have to give is yours.
You are my world.

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Hope is like the wet grass that sticks to your shoes
It’s always there after a heavy rain

Hope is the sunset
That sets fire to the water
without burning the shore

Hope is the pot of gold
It’s you that are the rainbow

Hope is a star filled sky
When none of them are falling

Hope is the washboard
It’s you that are the clothesline

Hope is dreams filled with you
Then realizing I’m not sleeping

Hope is finding out all the detours
Bring you closer to your destiny

Hope is the race
It’s you that are the finish line

Hope is finding out
That the place you need to be
Is exactly where you are

is searching for me
And finding you….

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Reddman and the Rainbow

I was sitting in the park one day,
Contemplations so severe,
When a stranger came upon me —
So I tried to hide my tears.

He sat down on the park bench,
Let the silence stay awhile,
Then he slowly turned to me,
He asked, “Son where is your smile?”

I turned so I could face him,
My head still hanging low,
I said, “There are so many things
That I will never know.”

“I’m blind and there’s so many things
That I will never see.
The things most take granted,
Would mean so much to me.”

“I’ll never see the clouds
As they drift across the sky,
The smiles or the faces
As the people pass me by.”

“I’ll never see the beauty
Of the birds that love to sing.
You may think them simple pleasures,
But, to me, they’re everything.”

“I’ll never see the faces
Of my parents that love me so,
And everyday throughout my life
I’ll miss the colors of rainbows.”

He asked if I would sit with him
On the grass just for awhile.
He asked if I would trust him,
Then I swore I heard him smile.

So I sat down on the grass that day,
He sat down next to me.
He said to let the silence in,
To let my mind go free.

After a moment in the silence
He told me, “Clear your head.”
Then he spoke these words so soft,
So I listened to what he said:

Red is for the love we have, the color of our hearts.
Orange is for the hope we carry when life seems torn apart.
Yellow gives us reason when fighting’s not a choice.

Green is for those feelings we shouldn’t give a voice.

Blues can be for sadness or quiet moments too.
Indigo gives choices that will make our dreams come true.
Violet is the color for the wisdom that we seek.

There are many other colors
That will make your life complete.
You just have to trust in this;
You simply must believe.

Then he said, “Take your hands
Place them on either side
And let the earth flow through you.
Let your feelings be your guide.”

I did just what he asked of me.
It took a little while,
But all at once, the rainbow came
And I began to smile.

Now many years have passed me by
Since that one day in the park,
And I often think about the man
Who put the colors in my heart.

I learned of him just recently,
After wondering all this time,
I was told his name was Reddman —
He was born completely blind.

One day my youngest daughter
Walked up and said to me,
“Daddy, I’m really sorry
You can’t see the things I see.”

So I told her of the story
Of the kindness of one man,
Of the simple thing he gave me,
So I would understand.

I showed her what he taught me,
To see, so she’d believe.
I told her how he taught me
To believe and you will see…..

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Will you hold my hand just for a moment
In that carousel up in the sky
The song that it plays
Makes me long for the days
In the hot summer Fourth of July

The music box slowly will open
Ballerina spinning within
May she dance on her toes
Dressed in ribbons and bows
Surrounded by baubles and gems

If you build me a house made of paper
Or maybe a castle of sand
When the wind and the sea
Take them away from me
I’ll still have their memories in hand

We could lie in a field of clover
Laugh as the clouds roll on by
In the blink of a kiss
The sun cease to exist
Replaced by the stars in your eyes

I long for the time we are together
To fill the time we spend apart
In the caverns of us
I hear echo a voice
That stills in the beat of my heart….

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