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Without A Sound


No epic to pen,
no long-winded tale,
for all of my chatter,
briefness prevails.

A thousand times, more,
I’ve tried to say
something so simple,
no words in the way.

So plainly I’ll state
what, to me, is so clear,
I love how you listen
to my silence and hear.

With a touch, I can sense
what’s unspoken, unsaid,
arms tight around me,
heart goes where you’ve led.

With gentle reminders,
as night’s shadows fall,
you speak volumes of feelings
saying nothing at all.

I love that you see
what’s not plainly in sight,
soft, like a candle,
you light up my life.

Your eyes say the words
that I long to hear,
whispering to me,
“I love you, my dear.”

I’m certain of one thing,
No words could convey
Or give meaning to
What my heart has to say.

In the hush, if you’re quiet,
the truth becomes clear,
there are sounds in a silence
only true love can hear.


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Heart to Heart….


I asked my heart why I could not hear love’s music —
It told me because I was not listening to the beat.

So, I asked my heart what would happen if I danced —
It told me love would remove those two left feet.

I asked my heart how, once broken, could I take a chance —
It told me I only needed to be willing to make a new start.

So, I asked my heart why I couldn’t listen to my head —
It told me my thoughts were in the gray in matters of the heart.

I asked my heart why I could not trust my eyes —
It told me someone’s heart is more than just skin deep.

So, I asked my heart if size is something that matters —
It told me to ask the baby in mother’s arms as it sleeps.

I asked my heart why it always felt like it was somewhere in the red —
It told me one needed to know pain to recognize true love again.

So, I asked my heart why it ever had to be broken and left for dead —
It told me the wonder of a heart was, if desired, it would mend.

I asked my heart why it seemed to be a traitor to me always —
It told me it was a gift, and not betrayal, for a heart to be lovingly stolen.

So, I asked my heart if it was time for it to again be offered away —
It told me hope springs eternal when a new doorway is fearlessly opened.

I asked my heart how to enter the fire and know how not to get burned —
It told me a heart risks all to love again and finds the will to never look back.

So, I stopped asking my heart questions and just listened to what it said —

                                      It whispered into my soul,

                        It’s 5 a.m., do you know where your heart is at?


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The Little Red Haired Girl

I hid beneath your footsteps
I walked with you the miles
Hoping that the path you chose
Would pass through my turnstile

I sewed myself your shadow
Just to follow you unseen
Dancing round your body
Like a porcelain figurine

I brushed against you gently
Like the cobwebs hanging low
For just a chance to touch you
So afraid to let you know

I stood beside my mailbox
With this poem I wrote for you
Hoping that this valentine’s
You would send your heart so true

Again my box is empty
So my heart feels no relief
With my poem stuffed in my pocket
I hang my head, “Good Grief”

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