The “Big,Big,Lake” Series

This is a collection of story/poems for children in a series I call the “Big,Big,Lake”.
I will be creating a whole “valley” of different characters to get simple messages across for children.
I hope you enjoy


“The Story of Jake”


Sometime long ago in the big, big lake,
Lived a one legged bullfrog and his name was Jake.

The thing about Jake, that was so profound,
Is he couldn’t swim straight; he went round and round.

Now Jake lived at home, in his lily pad,
With his bullfrog mom and his bullfrog dad.

Almost every night, before he went to sleep,
He prayed and he prayed, for two webbed feet.

But never was he bitter, when he woke in the morn,
Because he knew that he was different it’s the way he was born.

Jake went to school, where the fishes swam,
To learn about the lake and see his sweetheart Pam.

Just like real life, it was the same at this school,
There were lots of “bully”frogs and the meanest was Buel.

Buel hated bullfrogs who where different than him
So he thought and he thought, then he hatched a plan.

He would embarrass poor Jake at the tadpole ball,
He would embarrass poor Jake, in front of one and all.

The very next day around the big, big lake,
There were posters hung on cattails, about a bullfrog race.

Five laps around the lake and you would get a chance,
To pick out any sweetheart for the tadpole dance.

Buel, he left a note, for everyone to see,
It said,” When I win this race Pam will be with me.”

So when the whistle sounded at the starting gate,
There were lines of other bullfrogs and poor one-legged Jake.

They all pulled ahead, poor Jake was in a tizzy,
But after just three laps, all the other frogs were dizzy.

You see the thing about Jake that was so profound,
Was he never became dizzy swimming round and round.

So when the race was over in front of one and all,
Jake picked his favorite sweetheart, for the tadpole ball.

So you should never get discouraged, or never be forlorn,
Each of us is different; it’s the way we are born.


“Sara’s Lesson”


Along the quiet shoreline of the peaceful big, big lake,
lived lots of other critters, big and small for goodness sake.

Now in the big, big forest, way up high amongst the trees,
there lived a squirrel named Sara; she was as stingy as could be.

She had a couple brothers, sisters, she had two,
and every time they asked to share, she’d put on a big “TA DO”.

She’d say:
“No you can not have it, or use it either way; you never know just when I might be needing it some day.”
“Don’t even think about it, don’t look, and I’ll be fine, JUST KEEP YOUR HANDS RIGHT OFF FROM IT! IT’S MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE!”

Both of Sara’s parents wondered why she wouldn’t share,
or why the sign upon her door, read: ENTER? DON’T YOU DARE!

Sara had a couple friends, at the tree she went to school,
and both of them, knew all about, little Sara’s “golden rule.”

Don’t ever ask from Sara, for a pen with which to write,
don’t ever ask from Sara, or you just might cause a fright.

One day while in her classroom, her teacher Mrs. Pest
said; “start collecting acorns, we’re having a contest.

It’s been a long hard winter, so we’ll give them to the poor,
all the acorns that you bring in, we’ll hand out door to door.

Now the squirrel with the most acorns will win this big surprise,
and when she opened up the box, WOW! The look in Sara’s eyes.

It was a trophy bright and shiny, it was gold and it was blue,
but to give up all her acorns, now she’d have to think this through.

She’d say:
“No you can not have it, or use it either way; you never know just when I might be needing it some day.”
“Don’t even think about it, don’t look and I’ll be fine, JUST KEEP YOUR HANDS RIGHT OFF FROM IT! IT’S MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE!”

When Sara got home from school that day, she was really quite upset,
“ I’ll never give up acorns, just to win this dumb contest.

But the trophy was bright and shiny, it was gold and it was blue,
“ and I really wouldn’t be giving them, just trading them, that’s true.

So Sara went to school that day, with her acorns piled high,
and when they got done counting them, they totaled twenty-five.

Class, Sara is the winner, they heard the speaker roar,
but before she gets her trophy, she’ll take them door to door.

Sara knocked upon the first door, an old woman answered, “yes”,
with tears she took some acorns, then simply said, “God bless”.

This went on through out the morning, then well into the day,
when the last one was delivered, they all heard Sara say.
“Yes, oh please, please take it, I don’t need it anyway. You never know just when I might be needing help someday”,
“Please, Don’t think about it, take it I don’t mind, ANYWAY THAT I CAN HELP, IS FINE, FINE, FINE, FINE, FINE”.

When Sara got the trophy home, engraved below her name,
the words, In Thankless Giving, There Is Never Any Shame.




Way out yonder on the big, big plains
Lived a firefly whose name was Flame

Flame thought she was better than the rest
She starred in the movies, was chased by the press

She had money in her pockets, a star on her door
When people saw her movies they yelled, “more, more, more”

The thing about Flame that the critics loved
Was that the light on her tail was a cut above

Now other fireflies could shine at night
But Flame lit up the sky in broad daylight

Flame treated everybody, it didn’t matter who
Like she was so much better and prettier too

She screamed at her producers and her hired help
Signing autographs with a yelp, yelp, yelp

She had a little saying, which nobody knew
Just five little words, “ I AM BETTER THAN YOU”

When she was alone, she sang her song
Making up the words as she went along


She planned one night, at a movie premiere
To show them all, to make them cheer

In front of all her fans and producers too
Showing everybody just who was who

She would pay some poor person to cut the lights
Then from center stage, she would shine hers bright

The big night came, so she took the stage
To show everyone she was all the rage

She took her place, gave a shout
And at that very moment all the lights went out

Her plan went perfect, so she gave a sneer
What she didn’t know was that all could hear

Now, it might be different, if Flame had known
The person she hired left on her microphone

But Flame was so much better than everyone
So she gave a little giggle, as she sang her song


Then she lit her tail as bright as the dawn
But when she turned around everyone was gone

It didn’t take long before it hit the news
Flame’s days of acting were all but through

She would get small roles on the TV screen
But gone was her life as a Hollywood queen

Although the time did come and before she knew
She was signing autographs: “I’m no better than you”

Flame practiced being humble, we’re all the same
Now gratitude and kindness was her claim to fame

You see it’s all right to reach for the stars
To work real hard, to get really far

The thing you should remember and never forget
Is to treat everybody with a little respect

Don’t be like Flame, when you reach for those stars
Forgetting where you came from, forgetting who you are….


“The Battling Rams”


Now on the north end of the Big, Big Lake
The creeks would flow and streams would snake

All the way down from the snow-capped fountains
From way up high in the Big, Big Mountains

About halfway up on a small flatland
Lived a miserable group called the Battling Rams

Now the Rams would scream, and yell, and fight
Because no one was wrong, they were always right

Nothing was accomplished, their days were spent
Battling or bickering, constant arguments

They’d fight about this or they’d fight about that
While the horns on their heads went a-rat-a-tat-tat

They would bicker who was quicker
Dispute their favorite fruit
Fight about who’s right about

Or argue who was wrong

They would quibble, they would squabble
They never would agree
They had issues about issues
It was really sad you see

Did I tell you one was different
From the rest of the Rams?
He wouldn’t stoop to fighting
And his name was Sam

He spent his days on the mountainside
Running and climbing and playing slide

Now none of the others had time to play
They were much too busy trying to get their way

To Sam it didn’t matter, first or last
He was too busy playing just having a blast

So Sam didn’t care who played with him
It was one big mountain, he had lots of friends

Then one day as he walked on by
All the other Rams stopped, to ask him “Why?”

“Sam” they said, why are you so happy”
“When the rest of us Rams are feeling so crappy”

“Sam looked at them, “it’s because of all your fighting”
“It doesn’t look like fun and to me it’s not exciting”

So with a smile on his face and feeling rather flattered
He looked at them and said, “Because… It really doesn’t matter.”

“I will not bicker who is quicker
Or dispute my favorite fruit
And who is right or wrong

I could really give a hoot!

I won’t quibble, or won’t squabble
But you really must agree
These issues about issues
Are the silliest to me

I really don’t have time
To sit and fight all day
I really must get going
Or I’ll miss my time to play”

That started such a scuffle, on the best way to have fun
All the other Rams joined in, all except for one

She walked right up to Sam and said, “I’d like to go play, too
I’m tired of all this fighting – can I please go with you?”

Sam just smiled and said, “sure”

Then one by one and two by two and, finally, three by three
  All the other Rams joined in playing tag between the trees

The Rams learned a great lesson, even if they disagree
It’s really not worth fighting, if they see things differently……


“The Littlest Raincloud”


Straight up yonder in the big, big sky,
where the sun is warm, where the eagles fly,
lives a little raincloud who would try, try, try
but couldn’t make a raindrop and she didn’t know why.

“Oh my, my, what is wrong with me?
All the other rainclouds make it rain, you see.
I can’t make it drizzle, not even a drop,
or make the lightning sizzle or the thunder pop!

“What good is a raincloud that can’t make rain?
I look down from the sky, hang my head in shame.”
They called this little raincloud by the name of Wren
and in a cloudy sky she had a lot of friends.

They all tried to tell her that it would be just fine,
to learn to make it rain was going to take some time.
All the other rainclouds told her, “Wait, you’ll see!
You’re the newest member of our family.

To make the lightning strike or the thunder boom
will take a little time, so don’t be full of gloom.”
But Wren was so upset; felt she didn’t fit in,
so she drifted far away from all her raincloud friends.

She was really feeling lonely, feeling sorry for herself,
when a little bird flew by he asked, “Do you need some help?”
She told him all about the thing that caused such pain,
was being a little raincloud that could not make it rain.

He listened to her story, then he told her his,
“I felt the same as you, when I was young, that is!
I was hopping on the ground, thought I’d never fly.
Now I’m doing cartwheels in the big, big sky!

“One day you’ll make it rain, like all your friends can do.
Just have a little patience, it will come to you.
Wren thanked the bird for listening. “Now I must go.”
Then mumbled to herself, “What does this bird know?”

She had gone a wee bit further, when she looked down,
she saw a little pony jumping all around.
She asked him what it was that made him feel this way.
He looked to be so happy, “Is it your birthday?”

He looked at her and laughed. Then said, “Oh no, you see,
not too long ago, I had such wobbly knees.
I could hardly walk but couldn’t wait to run.
Now that I can do it well it’s so much fun!”

Wren turned right around and said, “I can’t believe
that all you silly animals are so naïve.
I will never be the raincloud I’m supposed to be,
I‘ll never make it rain. Why can’t you try to see?”

Floating in the sky, she heard a faint “boo hoo,”
when she came upon a farmer who was feeling blue.
She asked him what was wrong. He said, “My corn won’t grow.
It’s been awful dry. There’s been no rain, you know.

Now if it doesn’t rain soon, I’ll lose my crops.
So, I look up to the sky for just a few raindrops.”
He told her about his cows, that his well was dry.
All at once he felt the rain fall from the sky.

Wren could not believe what was happening,
Rain was falling down on top of everything.
The farmer thanked her so much for what she had done.
Wren clapped and thunder boomed, oh this was so much fun!

She filled the farmers well, then when she was through,
she watered all his fields and his garden, too.
Then she went to tell her friends, they were all so proud.
So, here’s the happy ending of the little raincloud.

Wren was really eager now to make it rain,
even to the point of where it caused great shame!
Even though her friends told her the day would come
You have to learn to crawl before you can learn to run.


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