The “Dragon Rider” Series

This is a collection of fantasy story/poems I’m working on. They take longer to write but I love doing them.

There are 8 in the series so far.

I hope you enjoy.



**Just posted Dragon Rider 9–“HAMMER”**


“The Beginning”

The dragon and the rider
Lay weary from the fight
That saw a hundred riders die
On just a single night

The battle wounds went deeper
Than superficial woes
Leaving scars upon the body
As they bled the very soul

The riders name was Justin
The dragon was called Orn
They’d been training with the infantry
From the time that they were born

As they grew and trained together
Learned to serve and to protect
It became much more than friendship
They formed a great respect

Justin was an orphan
Without home or family
Dragon riders raised him
His past a mystery

Sweat formed on Justin’s forehead
Ran down his face in beads
An arrow pierced his armor
One dipped in hemlock leaves

Orn had left his rider
Far from the battle sight
Deep within the forest
As he searched on thru the night

He had to find a healer
Someone to help his friend
With death a mighty dealer
He would play it to the end

With the poison in his system
Fever played with Justin’s dreams
Dreams of many outcomes
Depending on the seams

What Justin didn’t notice
In a bright round orb of light
Was an elfin fairy princess
Riding a unicorn of white

Her beauty was pure sunshine
Her eyes were black as night
She knelt beside and spoke in sign
Gave him visions of his plight

Before she stood to leave him
She placed a kiss upon his cheek
She left a wrap of lambskin
Holding a talisman beneath

When Justin finally came awake
The fever had been torn
A journey he must undertake
So a prophecy was born

When Justin raised himself to stand
Lying on the forest floor
Wrapped in leather near his hand
Was an ancient rune marked sword

He wondered in amazement
Of the elf and unicorn
But the dreams were inconsistent
So he set off to find Orn………



Orn had left the clearing
Where Justin lay near death,
With purpose in his mission
And fire in his breath.

He would find his friend a healer,
Where was just unknown,
But time was running out for him
And his friend was all alone.

Just then the dragon heard a voice
Soft and feathery,
A voice he never heard before,
“What is this sorcery?”

Justin was the only man
Who could communicate with Orn,
Something that was bound to them
From the time that they were born.

“Orn, my name is Roshelle.
I am princess of the elves.
I gave Justin back his health,
He’s alive and doing well.”

“Just focus on your rider
And you will see it’s true,
Just focus on his life pulse
And it will come to you.”

Orn focused on his rider,
Justin’s heart was beating strong.
He felt that he could trust this elf,
But what if he was wrong?

“I’ll return to pick up Justin,”
Orn told the elf princess,
“To defeat the web of darkness,
Is the key to our success.”

“Orn, there is a talisman
To help us in this fight.
In the valley of the Blood Lake
You must make this flight tonight.”

“The shield of the Chosen,
Forged of magic, heat, and steel,
Lies within this valley
Protected by a mage’s seal.”

“To break this black enchantment,
You must defeat its guardian —
A dragon born of legend.
His name is Tamarin.”

“This is madness that you speak of!”
Orn told the princess elf.
“What you ask is suicide,
Pure madness in itself.”

“Even if I find the shield,
It’s useless without the sword.
The only one who may wield them
Must have the birthright of a lord.”

“There hasn’t been one for centuries
With the bloodline in his veins.
So you speak to me of trickery,
This I will not entertain!”

“Justin has the sword,
He has the bloodline, too.
He wasn’t born a rider.
Orn, I speak the truth to you.”

“This secret must be ours right now,
The truth must not be shared.
Even Justin cannot know
Until he’s more prepared.”

“We need the magic shield
To have a chance to win this war,
And you’re our only hope for that,
A hope we can’t ignore.”

“I know you have the courage,
But bravery needs a friend.
Wars are won with wisdom,
Both will help you in the end.”

So Orn set off for Blood Lake,
With what Roshelle instilled,
But their meaning seemed a riddle
And mysteries could kill…..



Orn had thought, a battle plan,
When the lake came into view.
The land was unfamiliar;
The sky is what he knew.

No dragon fight was ever
Won with just defense,
Orn must make this fight his own
For him to stand a chance.

Tamarin was a legend —
A Dragon Rider’s dream,
Fighting to preserve the land,
But that had changed, it seemed.

One day Tamarin vanished
And, as the years went by,
There was talk around the campfire’s
That the dragon left to die.

But that was then and this was now,
So the legend would unfold,
For no one knew the outcome
As the prophecies foretold.

Orn circled through the valley,
As he kept a watchful eye
For any sign of movement,
A threat, might signify.

The valley, dark and desolate.
The lake, a molten berth,
Fed by Lava Rivers
From the bowels of the earth.

At the far end of the valley,
The reason that he came —
Set against the cliffside,
The opening of a cave.

Orn could not believe his luck.
Could the princess have been wrong?
There was no sign of Tamarin,
He had searched all morning long.

He landed on a rocky shelf
At the entrance of the cave,
Proceeding with great caution
Not to make this place his grave.

All at once he felt the breath
Of something at his back,
And as he swung around to see,
Tamarin attacked!

Before he could protect himself,
Orn was falling towards the lake.
He had let down his defenses,
Such a deadly first mistake.

The magma loomed before him;
It would to turn his flesh to ash.
He had to think of something quick
To avoid a deadly splash.

He arched his back out of the dive
As the lava singed his tail.
Orn spun to face his enemy,
His dragon breath exhaled.

A dragon is cold-blooded,
Heartless and precise,
But what he saw in front of him
Turned his dragon’s blood to ice.

Tamarin, bent and knotted,
His eyes a blood-red glow,
The evil was consuming him —
It now controlled his soul.

“I have no wish to fight you,”
Orn spoke in long, soft tones.
“You have something that I need
So I’ve come to take it home.”

Tamarin’s laughter filled the air
As he looked Orn in the eye,
“Then take one long, last look around,
For this is where you’ll die!”

Then he swung his claws at Orn,
But Orn was more prepared.
Tamarin’s blow slashed close to him
But flailed amidst dead air.

Orn was quick to counter,
He lashed with dragon claw.
He heard the sound of ripping flesh
As blood poured from his jaw.

Tamarin lashed out in frustration,
Wiped the blood off of his chin,
Dragon fire shot from his mouth,
Raised from somewhere deep within.

This time Orn was quick to move,
He answered with his own.
Soon the sky was lit with flames
And smelled of acetone.

This went on for hours,
Two dragons locked in fight,
Flesh and blood were flying
With still no end in sight.

Just then, Orn got turned around —
His second big mistake.
And when he caught sight of his foe,
By then it was too late.

Tamarin struck him squarely,
He scored a solid hit,
Sending Orn across the lake,
Crashing flat into the cliff.

Orn felt his breath escape him,
Heard the breaking of his ribs,
He felt himself lose consciousness,
As down the ridge he slid.

Orn lay there for a short time,
It couldn’t have been long.
But when he looked up to the sky,
Tamarin was gone.

As he regained his focus,
He saw the eyes of red
Coming from across the lake
To make sure that he was dead.

Orn would have to find the strength
From somewhere deep inside,
For if he were to die this day,
He would do it in the sky.

Lifting himself off the ground;
He would finish this campaign!
Flying towards those two red eyes,
Ignoring all his pain.

Tamarin saw him coming,
They both picked up their speed.
He felt a joy rush through him —
He would watch this dragon bleed.

They hit each other in mid-air,
The sound was heard for miles.
The last thing Orn remembered
Was, he saw the princess smile.

The dragons both fell fast to earth,
Entangled in a ball.
The fire of Blood Lake closed in
And they hit it like a wall.

Legends live forever,
As long as we believe,
That life is what we celebrate
Death is what we grieve………..



Roshelle, though being elf born,
Fairy fire danced in her veins,
Skipping generations
As if somehow preordained.

If the darkness were to win this war,
Fairy magic would be lost,
So the magic stayed in waiting —
Self-saving at all cost.

She felt that hers was different,
The magic she possessed,
Was more than elfin magic
So she hid it from the rest.

She’d often test its power
When no one was around.
In all the trials that she performed,
No limits could be found.

One day at such a proving,
The sun at its twilight,
Cold flames rose up before her —
First blue then turning white.

What appeared before her
Was beauty beyond belief,
A fairy light as vapor,
Her voice held soft relief.

“The power that lay dormant
For a thousand years,
Entrusted to your bloodline,
Has chosen to appear.”

“The reason is unsettling,
For an omen long foretold,
When darkness reawakens,
The magic will unfold.”

“It’s happening in your lifetime,
So you must be the one
To stand against this enemy —
The War of Light’s begun.”

Roshelle gazed at the fairy
With confusion and with doubt,
“I know not of this war of yours
or what you speak about.”

“I’m just a simple princess
Of the clan of woodland elves,
We are not a warring people,
We stay private, to ourselves.”

The flames grew, bright and ominous,
“The magic doesn’t lie!
So if you choose, ignore all this,
And all you know will die.”

“Inside your sacred temple
Is the Chosen’s rune-marked sword
You must take this to a clearing
Where you’ll find a birthright lord.”

“Then you’ll need the shield,
If this plan is to succeed,
It’s located at The Blood Lake
Warded by a hero’s creed.”

“Last, locate the Staff of Shades
Trapped deep in times debris,
In the balance between dark and light,
The shadows hold the key.”

“You speak in crumbs and riddles,”
Roshelle said angrily.
“So why should I believe you?
This could be treachery.”

“Then why?” the fairy said to her,
“Was the magic in you born?
And Roshelle, what you’re forgetting,
Is: Why the unicorn?”

This shook Roshelle completely,
She couldn’t refute the claim.
The creature had appeared to her,
So she called the stallion Flame.

Unicorns had vanished
Hundreds of years before,
So the arrival of this halfling
Was too great just to ignore.

Roshelle had many questions —
How can I know what’s right?
She asked, “What are the answers?
How can I win this fight?”

“You’ll have one of the Chosen,
The Staff and magic, too,
A champion and unicorn —
The rest is up to you.”

The flames and fairy vanished.
Roshelle was left alone
To ponder many questions
As seeds within her sown.

The sword would be the easiest,
For her a simple theft.
But if her clan found out the thief,
The penalty was death.

The others would be different,
All carefully thought out.
Each with unique dangers
Masked in a web of doubt.

Roshelle stood just a moment,
Sent a thought to summon Flame,
Then rode off to her village —
The sword, was first to claim

Sometimes we make decisions,
For better or for worse,
And what we take as blessings
Can spin into a curse…



Justin’s fondest memories:
The place that he called home,
The people he called family,
The fields in which he’d roam.

He was a Dragon Rider,
Even though he wasn’t born,
He ate and drank their customs —
Their allegiance he was sworn.

The night that Justin came to them
Lightning filled the sky.
The rain was whipping sideways,
You could feel the thunder’s cry.

The man rode at a gallop,
Deep imprints in the mud.
The horse’s nostrils flaring,
Heaving chest and frothing blood.

He stopped outside the tavern,
There was commotion from inside.
He checked the bundle strapped to him,
Loosening the knots that held it tied.

He wore a hooded riding cloak,
Soaked through and black as night.
A short sword hung from his left side,
A long sword from his right.

Checking to make sure his hood
Was covering his face,
He lifted up the door latch,
Then he stepped into the place.

His eyes adjusted quickly
To the bright lights in the room,
Trained to notice everything
And never to assume.

He counted fifteen riders
Spread about the inn.
Fifteen pairs of rugged eyes
As they all looked at him.

No one saw his smile
From underneath his hood,
But even if they knew his thoughts,
Wouldn’t have done them any good.

The stranger walked up to the bar,
Rain dripping from his cloak.
He turned to face the riders —
In a commanding voice he spoke.

“My name is Garrett Tanner.
I’d like to make this quick.
I’m looking for a rider,
A man whose name is Nick.”

The riders started chattering,
The tension you could feel.
One of them approached the man,
Stopped dead, with blur of steel.

“I wouldn’t!” said the stranger,
Both swords drawn from his coat.
One pointed at the young man
Within inches of his throat.

“I did not come to fight you,
But if I must I will.
Though, losing fifteen riders —
Shoes really to hard to fill.”

The rider slowly backed away,
Stopped the others with a wave,
“Stranger, we’ll get Nick for you,
Then we’ll mark this spot your grave.”

Again the stranger smiled
As he re-sheathed both his blades,
“Just tell him Tanner’s here for him
And his humor slowly fades.”

The rider sent a messenger,
Then said, “This warning I will give:
The rider that you ask for
Is the best that’s ever lived.”

“Maybe you’re just crazy,
Or never heard of him,
But he’s a legend among riders
With his dragon, Tamarin.”

Garrett said, “I’ve heard of him,
Both legends man and beast,
I also know the dragon’s gone —
It’s been two years at least.”

Just then the door burst open
And, through it, stepped a man
With gigantic muscled shoulders,
Battle scars and weathered tan.

There was a smirk upon his lips
As he looked the strangers way,
“Someone roused me from my sleep,
Now this man will have to pay.”

“Sleep won’t help your beauty much,”
Was Garrett’s cool reply.
“I’d rather kiss my horse’s rump
Than look you in the eye.”

The tavern filled with laughter,
But then, was quickly stopped,
As Nick looked at the riders —
The smiles quickly dropped.

Then a smile split Nick’s face,
“Why Tanner, dare you speak?
I always knew it’d be a horse
Would make your knees go weak.”

Garrett threw his hood back
And everyone could see,
Admiration that these men had,
With respect and dignity.

Nick looked close at Garrett,
“What is it brought you here?
I know you did not come this far
Just to share a beer.”

“And what, if I may ask you,
Is that thing strapped to your chest?
I swore that I did see it move,
But surely, my eyes jest.”

“The powder that I’d given him
So he could survive the ride,
Is starting now to lose its hold —
I can feel him move inside.”

Garrett took the bundle off,
Unwrapped the leather skin,
A little boy of one or two
Was safely tucked within.

“I need to leave him here with you
Until I can return.
I wouldn’t ask you such a thing
If it wasn’t of great concern.”

“Both his parents murdered,
But he’s the one they seek.
I need to find who did this,
I’ll be back within a week.”

Nick looked at his friend and said,
“The boy is safe with us.
If you say this needs to be,
In your word, I’ll put my trust.”

Garrett spoke, “There’s one more thing —
I need the rider’s oath,
That tonight did never happen,
For the protection of us both.”

“My men and I will take this night
To our very grave.”
And all around the dim lit room,
The rider’s oath was gave.

Garrett reached to hug his friend,
“Well, you know, I’d love to stay,
But time will wait for no man.
So, I must be on my way.”

That was twenty years ago:
So Justin found a home,
People he called family,
And a destiny, all his own.

So our past is neatly tucked away
And tomorrow may never come.
So, the choices that we make today,
Will dictate where we’re from…



Justin searched for days, it seemed,
Still he found no sign
Of the friend that he grew up with,
Whose lives were intertwined.

All at once he felt the pain,
It shot right through his heart,
It brought The Rider to his knees
As it tore his chest apart.

When a rider or a dragon
Die before their sworn,
The lifeline that connects them both
In heart and mind is torn.

The life they shared together
As one won’t be the same,
Two candles light the darkness
Better than a single flame.

Justin knew it right away,
He looked up to the sky,
Tears were running down his face
As he cried, “Orn, please don’t die.”

“Our lives were short together,
Don’t leave me here alone.
I can’t do this without you,
I can’t do this on my own.”

Images flew through Orn’s mind,
Wrapped around him like a spell —
His memories of Justin,
The last ones of Roshelle.

He felt his life-blood fading,
Growing weaker all the time.
Soon it would be over,
Into darkness he would climb.

His mission was so meaningless,
The shield was now lost.
A disappointment of his kind,
The lives his failing cost.

“Orn, this is The Princess.
You will not die in shame,
For the guardian you’ve beaten —
Now the shield is ours to claim.

Justin will be proud of you,
You’re a legend in your right.
Now connect with him, he calls you,
He must not lose this fight.

You’re the only one he’ll trust,
He must rise above the pain.
Many lives depend on him,
Otherwise, it’s all in vain.”

Orn took down the cloak he wore,
He let his rider in —
The wall he had to put in place
So he could not follow him.

Right away their thoughts met,
Justin’s cries were Orn’s to hear.
They both knew that they would lose
Someone they both held dear.

“Justin, I am sorry.
Please listen to what I say.
I’m not sure how much time I’ve left,
But you will fight another day.

This darkness that is coming
Will tear our land in two.
It’s already killed your family
And it’s taken me from you.

You cannot let this demon win,
It’s you that must prevail,
For the essence of our way of life,
Please tell me you won’t fail.”

“NO! Wait!” screamed Justin,
“I’ll come and you will see.
Orn, you can not leave me —
Orn I beg you please!”

“So long, my friend,” Orn softly said,
But every thing must die.
Just know how much I loved you
And now, my friend, goodbye.”

“I loved you too,” Justin wept,
I will fight this till the end
And the thing that has taken you
Will feel my sword’s revenge.”

Justin fell upon the ground,
Tears flowed free from him.
All at once he felt alone —
Orn was gone again.

Orn felt his spirit fly,
His soul no longer bound,
But then, he felt it pulling back
As his head was turned around.

“Where is it that you think you go?”
He heard a voice within,
And when he opened up his eyes,
There was Tamarin

His body lay in Blood Lake,
A solid ball of flames.
The madness in his eyes was gone,
Free of the demon’s bane.

”Orn, I need to thank you,”
Said Tamarin, quietly.
”My death released the darkness’ hold,
My soul is now set free.

Now, I will give what I have left
So one of us will live,
And maybe, someday, you’ll think back
In order to forgive.”

Next, blue light surrounded them,
As two life-forces became one.
Then, the last thing Orn heard Tamarin say:
”I’m proud that you’re my son.”

Our past may be our prison,
Unless the ties, we break —
To start our lives anew today
By the choices that we make….



Orn was given visions,
Before Tamarin passed away.
A hint into the future,
From a glimpse of yesterday.

It had been three hundred years
Since darkness claimed the land
In the Blood Wars of the Races
At a place called Firebrand.

The Evil had grown strong in time.
Left unchecked it slipped its noose,
Poisoning the earth and sky,
Setting demons on the loose.

Ogre, Troll and Gnome, it seemed,
Were the quickest to subvert.
The weakest of the Races
To do their Master’s work.

The Elves were first to feel the change,
Then Dwarf, and finally, Man.
They knew that they must fight as one —
So alliances began.

There were battles fought on every front,
Both on land and in the skies.
Blood was spilled so casually,
Mixed with deafening battle cries.

The alliances fought bravely
But were slowly losing ground.
They must learn to fight as one,
So a leader must be found.

The demons had a Master,
Born straight from burning Hell.
The Evil even had a name,
The demons called him Krell.

Changed by the magic’s madness,
The darkness held them tight.
He fed off pain and misery,
Dealing death with swift delight.

He rode upon a Vampree,
Creatures that fed on blood,
And on the battlefield
It wet the ground as mud.

Clutched within his left hand,
He held the Staff of Shades,
Used to do his bidding —
Evil magic, demon-made.

The alliances began the task,
The forging of their trust,
To put aside their differences
Or succumb to demon lust.

They must create a weapon:
Part Dwarf, part Man, part Elf.
A symbol of integrity
Forged of unity, not self

Dwarves were master craftsman
Of fire and of ore.
With hammer and with anvil,
Their covenant was swore.

The Elves used earthen magic
Of life and healing arts.
Where Dwarves were true in body,
The Elves were true in heart.

So came the sword and shield —
One to destroy, one to sustain.
They had the heart and body,
Just the spirit now remained.

That spirit came from Man,
Courage dipped with gallantry.
He would die for what he believed
And he believed in liberty.

The man they chose to lead them
Was a Rider and a Prince.
His blood ran deep and noble.
The Chosen’s name: Armiss.

He rode a young, yet hardened, mount,
A brave and fearless jinn,
A legend in the making
Whose name was Tamarin.

Equipped with sword and shield,
They fought the demon swell.
When finally they stood face to face,
With the demon leader Krell.

Not many had survived that day,
A few more turned and ran
When Dragon opposed Vampree,
Demon against Man.

The battle flashed across the sky,
Both riders held their steeds.
Blood rained down upon the ground,
Neither willing to concede.

Both creatures slashed and beaten,
Had fought beyond their worth.
In a final confrontation,
Both fell wasted to the earth.

Now both riders stood alone,
Upon the battleground.
In the valley of Firebrand,
Their breath, the only sound.

They dodged each other’s thrusts,
Neither gained the upper hand.
When Krell delivered a crushing blow
That fell the other man.

Armiss lay upon the bloodied ground,
The demon stood over him,
Raising up his staff once more
To plunge within his victim.

With his last ounce of strength,
Armiss lifted his magic blade
And with one final swoop,
Shattered the Staff of Shades.

Krell let out a deafening scream,
One last cry of demon lust,
Then everything born of Evil
Exploded into dust.

Many heroes died that day,
Never to fight again.
The only one that lived to tell
Was the dragon, Tamarin.

That was over three hundred years,
The staff was lost somehow.
Sword and shield forgotten,
At least that was, till now.

For history has a tendency
To repeat itself when spurned.
For unless Man’s hate is broken
The Evil will return…



“Justin! We must be going,”
Roshelle cried again,
“Before Krell’s minions find us out!
Our search it must begin.”

Justin’s eyes turned dark as night
As he turned to face Roshelle.
“You have no clue what I’ve been through
This search can go to hell.

“I’ve lost the only friend I had,
My dragon. Can’t you see?
So tell me, what good is this fight?
Just go and let me be!

“You’re the one to blame for this,
You sent him on this quest,
Knowing all the time, it seemed,
He might not make it back.

“To you we are just pawns in this
To use and throw away.
But I, for one, won’t play your game,
I am done with this today.”

Justin turned to walk away
But did not get too far,
As Roshelle grabbed his arm–
“Just stay right where you are.

“I can’t believe the words you say,
That I would treat you as a toy.
I thought I found a man in you,
Instead I found a boy!

“You seem to think that you alone
Are the only one to lose.
All of us have stakes in this,
None of us may choose.

“All of us will pay a price,
Orn knew this when he left,
But he knew that the sacrifice
Was worth the price of death.

“I, myself, have thrown away
My family and my life.
Now my people hunt me down
For what I thought was right.

“I stole the sword that you now hold
To mark my fate in this,
The consequence of my own death —
Will be sealed with a kiss.

“But I was willing to risk it all,
To quench the shadow’s hold,
And Orn was willing to risk his life
For this game you say I mold.”

Justin looked into her eyes
As she turned her head away.
“This sword I cannot fight with
It’s for a Chosen, anyway.”

All at once it hit him,
His parents both were dead,
Could this mean misfortune
Was placed upon his head?

He was an orphan raised by riders,
He wasn’t anything more.
To think he was a Chosen one
Was a joke and nothing more.

Roshelle kept her back to him,
She whispered, “Yes, it’s true.
You’ve the birthright of a Chosen one
Our hope resides in you.”

This was too much for him to take,
He fell down on his knees.
He brought his hands up to his face
With tears, he cried, “Why me?”

“I am just a dragon rider,
I did not ask for this
Now my dragon’s lost and I’ve been tossed
Into this dark abyss.

“I cannot save these people.
I can barely save myself.
There must be something you can do,
There must be someone else!”

Roshelle turned to face him.
“You are the only one.
So if you choose to turn your back
This land will come undone.

The darkness will envelop it,
Innocents will die,
The riders that have raised you
Will vanish from the sky.

But sit and sulk your days away
Wondering if what I say was true.
I will do all that I can
With or without you.”

Roshelle turned to walk away
Then stopped and turned around
“Fate has not been good to us
Or a better man I’d found.

“But if you choose, then ride away,
A horse I’ve brought for you.
Keep the sword I’ve stolen.
To me it’s of no use.”

Roshelle called for her unicorn,
Mounted, then rode away.
Justin’s head still spinning
From all he heard this day.

Finally, he raised himself,
Walked over to his horse,
Jumped into the saddle,
Followed Roshelle’s course.

He rode up right beside her,
Her eyes stayed straight ahead.
There was now a wall between them
Mortared from the words they said.

They hadn’t gotten very far
When a screeching cracked the sky.
Justin felt it all at once,
His dragon hadn’t died!

Orn landed right next to them,
Placed the shield in Justin’s hand.
“I will tell all that transpired with me
As we ride to save the land.

“Justin, stay with Roshelle,
There’s something I must do.
I must fly and tell the riders
That Tamarin’s heart was true.

“We’ll be able to communicate,
The blocking spell is gone.
Put your trust in the princess,
For this won’t take me long.”

Orn took off to the sky
As the two rode side by side,
Justin’s thoughts were racing
As Roshelle’s were locked inside.

A rider and his dragon,
An elf and unicorn,
A chosen sword and shield,
A thin trust already torn.

Sometimes the words we throw around
Are never quite thought out,
When moments grab a hold of us
To blind us from ourselves….



“Quite!” whispered Justin
As Roshelle began to talk
“I’m hearing noises on the trail
we should, dismount and walk”

Roshelle looked at Justin
“Is that all you have to say?”
“Every time I try to talk
You……Just look away!”

“It will not do us any good
To keep up this angry ruse,
I’m sorry I wasn’t straight with you
I’m sorry if you felt used.”

“I really tried to do my best
I tried to do what’s right
I’m sorry if I hurt you
I just want to win this fight”

Justin looked at Roshelle,
“The milk already spilled.
Being honest with each other
will see this quest fulfilled.”

“We have the sword and shield
Now a quest to find the staff
We must learn to trust each other
It’s not too much to ask.”

“What I need right now from you
Is to take my horse and ride.”
“Just further up the trail a bit
While I stay here and hide.”

“But Justin you should wait for Orn,
I know he won’t be long!”
But looking back at Justin
She knew she might be wrong.

Justin found the perfect spot
quickly, ducked out of the way
he readied sword and shield
but his head was far away.

His thoughts weren’t on the task at hand
but his parents, he never knew
how did he come so far so fast
could he really see this through?

He wondered if his dragon Orn
had known this all along
the faith that Roshelle placed in him
the legends could be wrong.

Just then his thoughts were shattered
brought back by fates demand
he may never know the answers
he may never understand.

The voices were upon him
as he looked out from the trees
he clutched both sword and shield
as his blood began to freeze.

There must have been a dozen
and they held a prisoner
the odds were stacked against him
….he would die a warrior.

“Orn, if you can hear me
I feel that I may fail”
Was the last thing Justin thought of
as he stepped onto the trail.

“Halt Now!” shouted Justin
“Now, to make this fight more fair
I’ll let you leave to gather friends
but leave your prisoner there.”

The ogres gazed at Justin
Justin readied for the blow
Just then! The sword and shield
they both began to glow.

–The prophecy’s been chosen
Of sword, of shield, of man
This day shall be the witness
Of where it all began–

The glow enveloped Justin
joining talisman,
creating glowing armor
around a scared young man.

Just than a roar of thunder
came falling from the sky
that Justin knew, could only be
a dragons battle cry.

The ogres dropped there weapons
left them were they lay
turned around, the way they came
all screamed and ran away.

Orn flew down in hot pursuit
making sure the ogres fled
then landing next to Justin
He roared, and bowed his head

Justin looked at Orn and said
“My friend, you’re right on time,
I would have taken bragging rights
Or they’d have taken mine”

“I see we have a captive here
I wonder?, What should we do”
He winked at Orn and finished
“Would you like some barbecue”

The stranger looked at Justin
“You cannot kill me, — yet
I just escaped this retched lot
so tell me you jest”

“Escaped!” shouted Justin
“It’s you who is telling jests,
you’re bound up like a criminal
or did you soon forget?”

“These things” laughed the captive
as he tried to wiggle free
“Are just some minor – DEE-tails
I’ll be out in 1 – 2 – 3.”

“Well that’s really good for you”
Justin smiled as he turned
“Because those ogres that abandoned you
will certainly return”

“As for me and this here dragon
we have work that’s left to do
may your journey be a pleasant one
may your skies always be blue”

“Very funny” laughed the stranger
“Buy that man a beer
with just the trees and antelope
your humor’s lost out here”

“As for BLUE skies, fate be willing
as for me, I’ll go with you
I ‘m a madman with my battle axe,
not to mention, my rabbit stew”

“That is, of course, if you don’t mind.”
“I see that sword and shield–
were forged, where I call home
for a different battlefield”

“They were born within my mountain
my forefathers power, Seethes!
There’s also something foreign
could be Elvin sorcery”

“Well my name, it’d be Hammer
so now I’m bound to you
don’t care where you’d be going
just tell me what to do”

Justin looked at Hammer
“If you come, you come a friend
my people call me Justin
the dragon’s Tamarin”

A friends hand is always welcome
But you need a person’s heart
If heart is never given
Then the hand will soon depart.


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